Lost In A Melody

Tori Amos does a cover of ‘Not Gonna Get Us’ by t.A.T.u. in both English and Russian whilst playing the piano AND synths simultaneously. We might as well just all give up now, Tori has won the game of life.

Something has also changed in that fan-to-artist dynamic: those roles are just being enacted, not genuinely inhabited.

An amazing new piece from The Quietus on Rihanna, her new album Unapologetic, the 777 plane tour, the difference between real engagement and soulless brands and that duet with Chris Brown.

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So proud of these girls, and I know they’re going to absolutely smash this tour to pieces <3



The big news is… We’re supporting The Saturdays on tour in December! Find out more by watching this video!

Click here to see all the dates and find out more :D

There’s some things you need to know.

  1. This is a new “girl band” called Oh My!
  2. Their music is produced and written by some amazing people, including, but not limited to, Example.
  3. Their first single is called Dirty Dancer is released later this year.
  4. They released a free download called Run This Town. You can watch the trailer video here.
  5. They JUST released ANOTHER free download called Kicking And Screaming. The full video is above.
  6. I got to spend 3 weeks with them on their schools tour as part of my work with teentoday.co.uk. You can watch the two amazing videos we made from that experience here and here.
  7. They have their own Tumblr page here.

I think that’s everything. For now.