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Lady Gaga - Monster (Chew Fu Remix)

After three years of waiting, DJ Chew Fu has finally released his remix of Gaga’s “Monster”. The remix was initially going to accompany the single release of “Monster”, but plans were scrapped and the remix was shelved.

Well this is fantastic. Ah, ‘Monster’ - the amazing Number One single that never was. Remind me to thank the ‘Alejandro’ video for killing that campaign.

Here’s a very good trap/grime remix of Rihanna’s Pour It Up that improves massively on the original. It’s fan made, but it comes hot on the heels of rumours that the song will serve as the second single from Unapologetic. Which is obviously ridiculous.

Here’s an amazing unreleased RedOne mix of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, which was submitted for her debut album - the official version was instead produced by the song’s co-writer, Rob Fusari.



In today’s other Diamonds news (following the Zola Jesus cover), Rihanna has posted this terrific remix of the track, featuring some suitably sparkling verses from Kanye West, on her official SoundCloud page. CS

LOVE IT. I want a new Kanye album :(

Pet Shop Boys are pulling out the big guns in an attempt to actually make the UK Top 40 with a single from recent album Elysium by calling in Stuart Price to craft the official radio edit for Memory Of The Future and releasing it on the very last day of the year. On paper, that looks like a great idea, but unfortunately the new remix is a disappointment and they should have just gone ahead with the original. If you haven’t heard the album yet, don’t let this put you off, because it’s a misunderstood masterpiece for sure.


t.A.T.u - All The Things She Said (Fernando Garibay Remix).

This is a big noisy, isn’t it?

Apparently this 2nd Adventure remix of the new single from The Saturdays is the closest to what the original What About Us sounds like. And if that’s true, then it sounds like shit. I know we joke about this every time, but the vocals genuinely round like robots on this. It’s the equivalent of the seafood stick things where they just shove loads of processed chemicals and fish protein together to make it into a rubbery, tasteless piece of rubbish. AAAAGH.

Skrillex and Nero have finally unveiled their highly anticipated remix of Holdin’ On by up and coming band MONSTA - and it’s off to a great start, what with over 250,000 plays on SoundCloud and being named Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Record In The World”.

It’s a noisy, messy, explosive mix (obviously) that is pleasing enough, but hopefully it will inspire listeners to go back and check out the original, which is easily one of the best singles of the year and deserves to have just as much attention focused on it.

Marina continues her slow descent/rise to the status of Tumblr Queen by releasing a remix video for new single How To Be A Heartbreaker that features distorted vocals, cute baby sloths and new sultry rap verses from Kitty Pride. “W/ the footage my label DISCARDED” she joked on Twitter, making even more fun of ugly-gate. Good times.

A Popjustice forum user has made his own remix of Rihanna’s new single Diamonds, featuring bigger beats, the “na na’s” from What’s My Name and even a sample of Midnight City by M83 in the middle eight. The result is brilliant, as you might expect from that description alone.

Download Nelly Furtado Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) [Demolition Crew Remix]

The Demolition Crew remix of Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) is a work of art, is it not? If there was a radio edit of this with re-recorded vocals that were considerably less nasal, then I’m sure it could have been the smash hit Nelly needed to properly kick off the Spirit Indestructible campaign. But oh well, it’s too late for that now. That’s why I should have a major role in the music industry and some other people definitely should not… *smug face*

Big head. The bigger the better, the bigger the better, the bigger the better, the better the bigger.


Lady Gaga feat. Azealia Banks - Ratchet (Instrumental)

LQ recording of a “Ratchet” remix being played at Lady Gaga’s fragrance launch.


Here’s a relatively brand new remix of Headphones done by Ronika, in which it sounds like Little Boots is actually doing some kind of trippy duet with her twin brother*. Disturbing and amazing in equal parts.

*Little Boots doesn’t actually have a twin brother by the way**, that was just a wacky observation.

**As far as I know, anyway. Better check Wikipedia***.

***She doesn’t.


Roxette: The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye (New Music)

Swedish duo Roxette have unveiled a new track in advance of their impending UK arena tour which kicks off in Glasgow on 3 July.

‘The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye’ was originally the B-side to the pair’s single ‘Spending My Time’, which reached #22 on the UK chart back in 1991.

This time round, it’s received a remix courtesy of Peter ‘Bassflow’ Bostrom who produced another recent Scandipop smash in the shape of Loreen’s Eurovision-winning ‘Euphoria’. Here he has taken what was already a decent song and reworked it in to a synth-laden number and one of Roxette’s most current releases in a while.

Earlier this year, they put out their ninth studio album ‘Travelling’ and, although it spawned one of their most radio-friendly tracks in years (‘It’s Possible’), it went on to become their least successful yet in their homeland. 

The chances of Roxette bothering the UK charts with new material any time soon may be slim but, as long as they stay on this form, it’s everyone else who will be missing out.