Lost In A Melody

Now THIS is how you successfully ditch camp, trashy, throwaway disco pop and replace it with effortlessly classy, fresh, hypnotic R&B-infused electro pop. Well done Semi Precious Weapons. Well done.

The Knife have premiered the music video for A Tooth For An Eye, which is the second single from their upcoming dance album Shaking The Habitual. Although technically more structured, it lacks the aggression and overall weirdness that made previous single Full Of Fire so interesting. I can’t say I’m loving this new material, but I’ll wait for the full album and hope it all makes sense in that context.

As for the video, well it’s kinda dull, but I love the girl. She’s like the secret love child of Björk and Grimes!

[Shaking The Habitual is available for pre-order on iTunes now and is released on April 7th]

I’ve had a real soft spot for Mohombi ever since I worked on the UK campaign for his single In Your Head (a real shame that it never took off, I always saw him as the next big Capital FM artist) but even I’m less than impressed with his new track I Don’t Wanna Party Without You.

There’s nothing outright offensive about this dance song, but the trend for this kind of music is long dead now and it’s just so generic and basic. There was a time and place for Mohombi in the musical landscape, and unfortunately neither of those exist anymore.

(Update: On further investigation it appears that isn’t actually a Mohombi single, it’s a promo track for the club featured in the video, and Mohombi was simply hired to sing on it. That makes it all slightly less disappointing. Let’s just hope he actually comes back with something much stronger.)

I’ve written about this before, but now the video is up and it’s brilliant, so it deserves another post. I love the way that the intimate visual aspects of the video, coupled with her performance and the storytelling in the actual song create this layered world that you get drawn into - I’d almost love for this character to keep releasing videos that tell some sort of fictional narrative that you could keep up with. No other pop stars have really ever committed wholeheartedly to that concept, but it’s something I would love to see.

My only problem with this is that sometimes the faux aggression borders on cringeworthy. Of course it’s all a lie. She is to Lana Del Rey what Natalia Kills is to Lady Gaga, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. What a glamorous lie it is.

[Gangsta is available from iTunes now]

Hmm, well I like the Matrix/Ridley Scott vibes, but bloody hell it would have been just as easy to create something a bit more memorable with the exact same budget - as this beautiful fan made video for The Mother We Share has already proven.

Bowie is, of course, something that exploded well before my time, so whilst I can appreciate how talented and prolific and imaginative he is, there was never much that I really enjoyed or “got”. But the spellbinding new video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight) - which also stars Tilda Swinton and is directed by the wonderful Floria Sigismondi - is absolute proof that he can continue to create art that captivates new audiences even in this modern day and age. I still don’t think I am compelled enough to force myself to sit through recordings from the 70’s, but I am definitely intrigued to hear his new album, so let’s just leave it at that. Bravo!

Well on the one hand, it’s nice to see that Nelly Furtado clearly loves her latest album as this is now the fifth (!) single and music video - I’m pretty sure she’s self releasing it all too! Despite all the “flop” labels, it really is a great album and I’m glad she let this song see the light of day because it’s easily one of my favourites.

But on the other hand, the video is very boring and waaaaay too literal for my liking. The cringe-worthy spoken word intro is more or less just the lyrics to the song and Nelly herself barely appears. For someone who is peddling this idea that she’s now more interested in being an artist, there doesn’t seem to be much creativity going on here - which is a shame because a really incredible, must-see video could have given this whole campaign the kickstart it deserves.

Also, her vocals are unbelievably shoddy on this. Sounds like she was ill when she recorded it or something…

I too had written Matt Cardle off as another bitter X Factor contestant and 9/11 conspiracy nut job - but here he is with the music video for his third single ‘Lately’, from independent second album ‘Fire’ (which managed to reach #8 in the album charts). I think I may have judged him too harshly. It’s definitely more interesting on a visual and sonic level than the majority of Leona Lewis’ latest effort anyway - and she barely managed to get past two singles from that!

Kudos to Matt for just getting on with it, it seems to be working for him.

Now that I’ve had some time to sit with this and have just witnessed the most epic and amazing video that Hurts have ever done, I can overlook the shameless Coldplay parody of Miracle and enjoy this much more. It may not be perfect, but the band have taken it to the next level, and that bodes well for their future successes.

This is the kind of cool and original video from an unknown pop star that doesn’t fail to hold your attention despite the obvious lack of budget. See also: LEAVE! by VV Brown

I keep forgetting that this is a fucking brilliant pop song and should have done miles better than it did. For the first time in aaaaaaages The Wanted had mixed up their sound a little bit and continued to show that they make the most mature and exciting boy band music on the planet right now. Glad this new video seems to insinuate that they’ve returned to it to do it justice and I can’t wait for the new album.


Kat Graham is the new Ciara.


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