Lost In A Melody

What a bizarre coincidence - both Misha B and Amelia were X Factor stars that didn’t win the competition but went on to release surprisingly successful debut singles, followed by slightly less successful second singles - and here they both are, releasing dance pop tracks as their third attempts AND the lyric videos are not only released on the same day, but are almost identical in their styling! Weird…

Of the two, this is definitely my favourite. The first time I heard this on headphones I realised it’s once of those euphoric pop tracks that actually does take you to another place. I can’t put my finger on what makes this song so special when so many other people wouldn’t be able to identify it in a line-up of chart tracks but this song has really touched me and when I listen to it and close my eyes I feel like I’m being carried up in to space.

I think it might be something to do with the beautiful melodies in the chorus. Normally songs of this nature don’t bother with those, but thank the Lord that Misha did. She’s turning into one of my favourite pop stars at the moment!

It’s a new Amelia Lily single - and we know exactly what to expect by now. Dodgy verses, mental and explosive choruses and bland lyrics. Tick, tick, tick. Production is fantastic though and hopefully it equals another Top 10 hit for the former X Factor contestant which will be helpful in the run up to her debut album release.

But seriously, on the lyric front, what the fuck happened to Xenomania’s clever word play? Are they purposely avoiding it with Amelia to make her as commercial as possible?

Little Ed Drewett update for ya - looks like he’s been dropped and has released a cheap but quite cool lyrics video for his song Drunk Dial. Unfortunately it’s a weirdly mixed, fuzzy, demo sounding version of the track (which in previous incarnations sounded much better) and he’s also being a bit of a knob to his fans in the YouTube comments. I can understand him being bitter, but I can’t respect an artist who talks to his audience like that, so I’m no longer interested.

Little Nikki has previewed a new song called DILLIGAF which rather unfortunately stands for Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck. The expletives are a bit unnecessary and some of the production is just shockingly bad, but as a little taster of the island flavoured, beat driven sound that the minuscule pop star is going for, it will do just fine.

There are no words to describe how utter shit this is. But it’s Tulisa, and quite frankly, that’s what we’ve come to expect, isn’t it?

I’m expecting this new Amelia Lily single to do terribly for a number of reasons:

  1. The production is unbelievably generic and uninspiring
  2. Amelia’s voice is unbelievably generic and uninspiring (and awfully tuned on the big notes)
  3. The song doesn’t appear to even be about anything. The whole affair is just so anonymous and faceless and boring
  4. It’s called Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You’ve Got)

Follow Me has just been announced as the second (or third if you count Survival) single from Muse’s latest album The 2nd Law. It includes dubstep and sample of Matt Bellamy’s baby’s heartbeat. Naturally. Here’s the lyric video.

One Direction definitely needed to step it up a gear with this single and showcase a different sound (three of their singles have basically sounded like the same song) and whilst Little Things is a refreshing turn of events, the vocal delivery and average production make it nothing more than Ed Sheeran karaoke. It’s unfortunate that a song like this proves just how weak the band’s singers actually are, but it’s even worse that it’s coupled with downright shoddy lyrics. Is it meant to be romantic to say to a girl that you’ll never tell her that you love her, regardless of the fact that she has to “squeeze” into her jeans?

As much as I love Olly Murs, this new single (called Troublemaker) sounds like someone tried to copy a Maroon 5 song but just slightly changed the melodies so nobody would notice :(

So this is actually happening? :(

Her voice isn’t the best it’s been, the melody of the first verse is very similar to Big Hoops and it’s definitely not going to get her any favourable chart placements - but with all the criticisms of Spirit Indestructible out of the way, let’s focus on the positive. A powerful message, a strained but passionate vocal, a fresh and unique beat. The studio version of this single has made me do a complete 180 and I really like this now. It’s classic Nelly after all. Bring on the album I say.

Rachel Crow is the one who was reduced to tears after being voted off the US X Factor when Nicole Scherzinger let the vote go to deadlock. Despite this obviously proving that it was the public who weren’t interested in saving Rachel, the whole affair left a nasty stain on Nicole’s already patchy image and it looks like her career has pretty much stalled for now.

And now Rachel has “bounced back” as it were, with a lyric video for her debut single Mean Girls. Her preferred method of dealing with “bullies” like the ex-Pussycat Doll? Combing them out of her curls. Scherzinger, you have been warned. (The song is nice.)

Truly incredible lyric video for Katy Perry’s final single from Teenage Dream, Wide Awake. Everything from the songs, to the videos, the performances, the marketing, the remixes and MORE has been fantastic in this era, and I will actually be sad to see it end. Whether you like her or not, Katy has made history and I’ll never forget this campaign. On a personal note, her online presence and digital marketing techniques (right down to the Facebook Timeline inspired video you see above) were a constant, groundbreaking surprise and inspiration. I felt so nostalgic watching this and I can’t wait to see the Part Of Me film to truly wrap this up.

Guardian is a new single from Alanis Morissette. It’s not the worst song she’s ever released. BUT, can I tell you what the problem is? She’s done everything backwards. Any other best-selling type pop star would have gone more experimental by now and probably done a few difficult concept albums - but Alanis already released her version of that years ago, and now with each new release her songs are just getting more and more generic.

I was also hoping that the birth of her first child would inject a bit of creativity into her, but just looking at the lyrics for this song make it feel like some kind of parody track. Every word has been overused way too much in her discography and the sentiment feels vague and shallow, when in reality we should be connecting it to her feelings for her newborn baby. But I just don’t get that from it all. Maybe I’m wrong then.

Supposedly explicit themes, lyrics that essentially just list a load of sound effects, a reference to being a lesbian and a bit that sounds like the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme tune. Check, check and check. Are Stooshe in danger of becoming a one-trick pony? I reckon so…