Lost In A Melody

Tori Amos does a cover of ‘Not Gonna Get Us’ by t.A.T.u. in both English and Russian whilst playing the piano AND synths simultaneously. We might as well just all give up now, Tori has won the game of life.

What I want most from ARTPOP is at least one song that moves me emotionally. It can be done in many different ways, of course, and I will accept any - whether it’s some sort of movie soundtrack-esque super synth buildup like an M83 track, a mega dance breakdown with a beautiful melody that transcends time and space, a raw and vulnerable ballad that moves you to tears or a grand, sprawling ego-tastic anthem in the vein of Beyoncé’s I Was Here.

The closest Gaga has come to this is easily on The Edge Of Glory, obviously. I actually cried the first time she performed it live and stripped back at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend (which you can see above).

Loads of other pop stars have done this for me, so it would be great if she could sort that out, please and thanks.

I’m currently reading David Byrne’s How Music Works book and he’s written at length about the Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense shows and all of the inspirations and ideas behind every movement, lighting direction, costume, piece of set design etc so naturally it only made sense for me to actually check it out. I’m glad I did - coupled with this extra knowledge of what he was setting out to achieve, I can see (even just from this five minute performance of Once In A Lifetime) that this is a man (and a band) that is wholeheartedly artistic and passionate and simply lives and breathes music and performance art. The energy thrown into this is exhilarating and inspiring. I’d love to see a show by an artist like this (I wonder what David’s actually up to these days…?) and even more than that, I’d love to somehow be involved in creating one.

I can already tell that as this book goes on I’m going to feel the need to delve further and further into this band’s discography - which if the above video is anything to go by, will be a very exciting experience!

Yes, yes, YES. Get ‘em V.

Frank Ocean does a short cover of Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees in his live set. This arrangement is beautiful!

P!nk in the Radio 1 Live Lounge part 2 - in which she performs Try effortlessly and reminds me why I voted for it as the best single of the year in the Popjustice 2012 Reader’s Poll

P!nk in the Radio 1 Live Lounge part 1 - in which she performs a splendid cover of Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys, who also happens to be her label mate and in the middle of her own single and album campaign. I see what you did there RCA and it’s very clever so I’m gonna give you this one.  It sounds like Christina Aguilera is just a lazy flop who can’t be arsed to promote her own songs but will sit in a revolving chair and talk about how “music lovers” are the only people that truly understand her.

But yeah, this cover is wicked. Makes the song slightly more listenable. 

And now, Sia performs Diamonds, which she wrote for Rihanna’s Unapologetic album. I was hoping we might get to hear this one day, but I think I actually prefer Rihanna’s ear pleasing tones. She may hit the big notes ridiculously well, but she doesn’t even do the “shine bright” bits!

Oh hai, nothing to see here, just Little Mix being fucking ridiculously incredible.

Cher Lloyd continues to be one of the most fun female live performers around right now. Definitely did not see that dance break coming!

Happy birthday to my biggest hero and inspiration - Björk! Let us all celebrate like this…