Lost In A Melody
Björk discusses working with different producers in different ways for Biophilia and her new remix album, Bastards.
Here’s a really great interview piece with Charli XCX that mentions positioning and slow burning and being made up bits of Tumblr and all the other stuff that I’m really obsessed with at the moment. The best quote actually comes from Michael Cragg, the interviewer:

While it’s cool nowadays to go on about how much you love old Britney Spears album tracks or the second Spice Girls album while making music that is essentially a fucking racket, Charli’s adamant that her love of pure pop is genuine and that it’s more about channelling the attitude of her mid-to-late 90s pop heroes

People do do that, don’t they? :(


iamamiwhoami’s first audio interview

detektor.fm interviews Jonna Lee on the iamamiwhoami project.

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I can’t understand anything that the host is saying but this is glorious.

"I don’t have all the answers, but I know that I’m evolving." - This is a really intriguing and inspiring interview that ends up being a much more interesting listening experience than most of the new album. I do like the album though, don’t worry.


Lana Del Rey - Vh1 Exclusive Interview


SMH at everyone complaining that Gaga was being indulgent and shit last night. It’s called HAVING FUN and making light of a stupid award show that doesn’t actually give a flying fuck about music or videos.

Yeah, fun. Remember that? It’s what we used to do before we applauded people like Adele for being nominated for best cinematography when all she did was sit in a fucking chair and watch some glasses of water bounce around…



DJ Earworm – United State Of Pop 2010 (Don’t Stop The Pop)

“I’m On The Right Track, Baby I Was Made This Way (Due To Genetics And Several Environmental Influences)” (Lady Gaga release dates for new album and single!)

Avril Lavigne: What The Hell (and why Avril should chill out a little bit)

Alicia Keys: Speechless (Featuring Eve) (plus a list of other amazing songs about newborn babies…)

Clare Maguire: The Last Dance (why it makes me very sad, and yet I’m still not a fan)

News on Björk’s new Biophilia project (plus a new song!)

A very interesting Patrick Wolf interview