Lost In A Melody

So here’s Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan from Mutya Keisha Siobhan singing a live snippet of their new song Boys. Vocals aren’t mesmerising, but it sounds like a Sugababes song, so could be promising after all…

Oh hai, nothing to see here, just Little Mix being fucking ridiculously incredible.

Here’s emerging UK talent Tanya Lacey performing a special version of her new single Too Many Cooks for Dropout UK, complete with a live saxophone and beatboxers. Amazing.

Here’s the new acoustic version of Overture by Patrick Wolf, taken from his upcoming double album Sundark And Riverlight, which features completely rearranged and rerecorded versions of his back catalogue to celebrate his tenth anniversary of releasing music.

It’s nice to get some kind of new material from the singer, and I’m actually looking forward to hearing some of the more electronic songs in an acoustic format, but this version of Overture is really nothing special. There are a few new lyrics, but mostly the grand and life affirming feeling has been completely lost and he’s only gone and left out my favourite bit! I’m also not entirely sold on the tracklisting - why include Bitten (from his last EP) and only use two album tracks from your debut? Bit random.

Here is Little Mix continuing their run of really great acoustic versions of debut single Wings. And yes, I am mostly posting this solely because I’ve met the guitarist and eaten lunch with him a few times.

Little Mix’s Wings is amazing in its own right, but this acoustic version really knocks the ball out of the park. I never really cared that much for their voices in the past, but the harmonies here are as spot on as you could ever possibly get them and Perrie’s high-pitched lines are absolutely perfect and beautiful. The song still sounds brilliant in this form too, which is always the mark of a wicked tune. MORE PLEASE.

Queen of Acoustic Covers Cher Lloyd takes to the streets of New York to showcase her rousing rendition of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. As always, thoroughly enjoyable.

Lady Gaga performs new song Princess Die (that’s D I E) that “may or may not be on the new album”. Can’t really tell much about how strong it is from this, but I do like that there are lots of uses of her songwriting vocabulary from The Fame era, she lost a lot of that during Born This Way and although it’s not particularly fresh, it’s still what attracted me to her in the first place.

Nelly Furtado performs a sweet acoustic version of Calvin Harris’ single Feels So Close - a really great choice because despite being a dance track, the lyrics are very intimate and touching, so it translates perfectly. Her voice isn’t as great as it used to be, but actually my favourite bit about this is how the guitarist plays the original synth line. Sounds beautiful.

Alexandra Burke performs a great acoustic version of Heartbreak On Hold for That Grape Juice, proving that behind all the generic, talent-hiding production on her new album, there actually are some decent songs at the heart of it.

This is potentially the best thing I’ve seen all week. If there’s one reason Alexandra Burke has stalled at a measly 23 in the midweeks with her new single Let It Go, I would bet that it’s because although her pop and dance songs are actually great, they’re all a bit generic and in my personal opinion none of her singles (save, perhaps, for The Silence) have showcased her INCREDIBLE vocals - the very reason she won The X Factor in the first place.

This acoustic cover (which I’m sure she’s hoping will secure some much needed buzz for her sophomore album Heartbreak On Hold) is phenomenal and every single note is perfect. Genuinely had chills up and down my spine towards the end of it. I don’t say this a lot, but in Burke’s case I think a more acoustic, ballad-driven approach would have been a better direction for her to go in with her new material.

Things might be ticking over quietly on the Cher Lloyd front, but here she is doing what she does best - recording acoustic sessions. This one is a cover of Usher’s OMG which works a lot better than I expected it to.




Someone really needed to tell Nelly that her microphone wasn’t turned on.

What an unusual choice of song for a sugary sweet girl band to cover. Not 100% sure it works either, but there are some nice moments in there.