Lost In A Melody

Cher Lloyd continues to be one of the most fun female live performers around right now. Definitely did not see that dance break coming!

Rachel Crow is the one who was reduced to tears after being voted off the US X Factor when Nicole Scherzinger let the vote go to deadlock. Despite this obviously proving that it was the public who weren’t interested in saving Rachel, the whole affair left a nasty stain on Nicole’s already patchy image and it looks like her career has pretty much stalled for now.

And now Rachel has “bounced back” as it were, with a lyric video for her debut single Mean Girls. Her preferred method of dealing with “bullies” like the ex-Pussycat Doll? Combing them out of her curls. Scherzinger, you have been warned. (The song is nice.)

"If you love it, it never feels like work"

Can someone please explain to my why Rihanna’s team decided a long time ago that she would not do dance routines. Because from the small piece of choreography I just witnessed in this live performance, I see lots of potential…

I’m currently debating whether or not to buy tickets to see this bitch live at the O2 on December 1st. For every bad review I read, I think of experiencing all those HITS in a big, sweaty crowd. I just can’t make my mind up though…