Lost In A Melody
Little Mix have debuted with all guns blazing and have chosen to rightfully buck the recent trend employed by new UK acts (Lawson, Cover Drive, Conor Maynard and Rita Ora to name a few) that sees a cheap and clearly rushed album fail to live up to the dizzy heights of brilliant lead singles. DNA is a cohesive and exhilarating collection of songs - the vocals certifying that the group were deserving X Factor champions, whilst the production never fails to let them down either.
Beaming with confidence, the four girls navigate their way through an amazing selection of genres (from the futuristic machine-pop of the title track and Madhouse, right through to the urban, Beyoncé-esque Wings and Stereo Soldier and 90’s girl band homages of How Ya Doin’ and T-Boz penned Red Planet) far better than the flimsy jukebox releases from their contemporaries and never once sound out of their comfort zone. No offence to Alexandra Burke, but this is easily the best album to come from an X Factor winner.

Here is a preview of the upcoming Little Mix album. It sounds lazy, cheap and almost as dated as Parade’s debut record. The only one (aside from the lead singles, which obviously had most of the budget thrown at them) that shows a glimpse of promise is How Ya Doin’? Extremely disappointing.

Here is Little Mix continuing their run of really great acoustic versions of debut single Wings. And yes, I am mostly posting this solely because I’ve met the guitarist and eaten lunch with him a few times.

Here’s a sneak peek at Little Mix filming the¬†choreography¬†section for their recent Wings music video. I’m genuinely confused as to why more of this didn’t appear in the final cut - I automatically assumed that the choppy editing meant the finished product hadn’t looked as sharp as they had wanted, but it looks pretty great here! Hope the girls get to show off more of this in future videos and when they start performing this single live on TV :)

Little Mix’s Wings is amazing in its own right, but this acoustic version really knocks the ball out of the park. I never really cared that much for their voices in the past, but the harmonies here are as spot on as you could ever possibly get them and Perrie’s high-pitched lines are absolutely perfect and beautiful. The song still sounds brilliant in this form too, which is always the mark of a wicked tune. MORE PLEASE.