Lost In A Melody

This video is basically a gay man’s dream come to life, so simple logic seems to tell me that this is further proof that Will.i.am plays for our team. Britney bitch!

So Scream And Shout is simply Will.i.am by numbers, but the Gimme More sample and British-ney sounding the happiest and most engaging she’s been in a long time makes this quite special, in a ludicrous way.

Here is the video for Will.i.am’s new single This Is Love. Not sure which bit is creepier: the slo-mo directing, Eva Simons’ hair, or the fact that he left his laptop outside in the rain. Mentalist.

This is far from fantastic as a whole, but the Eva Simons bit is fully fantastic, if that makes sense.

Takes too long to get to the good bit.