Lost In A Melody

This video is basically a gay man’s dream come to life, so simple logic seems to tell me that this is further proof that Will.i.am plays for our team. Britney bitch!

So Scream And Shout is simply Will.i.am by numbers, but the Gimme More sample and British-ney sounding the happiest and most engaging she’s been in a long time makes this quite special, in a ludicrous way.

Here is the video for Will.i.am’s new single This Is Love. Not sure which bit is creepier: the slo-mo directing, Eva Simons’ hair, or the fact that he left his laptop outside in the rain. Mentalist.

This is far from fantastic as a whole, but the Eva Simons bit is fully fantastic, if that makes sense.

How exciting.

Takes too long to get to the good bit.

Someone said “Kelis has done a song with Will.I.Am” and I was like *I bet it sounds like this* and then it did sound like that and I’m not really sure what else to say to be honest. It’s certainly no Acapella.

Oh yes, this will definitely end all those Gaga comparisons…

(To be honest though, this isn’t that bad)

Notable Live Performances Of The Week

The good:

The bad:

The ugly:

And the bizarre…

Ridiculously good.

Just like Boom Boom Pow, 3 Words and Photographs before it.

Demos Galore

Been listening to a load of upcoming work by various artists, and I have to say I’m very impressed. They’ve been working hard, and there’s some pretty amazing stuff on its way this year.

In particular I should mention, N.E.R.D., Nelly Furtado, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Solange Knowles, Asher Roth and Will.i.am.

But added praise goes to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Two tracks I heard by these two were unbelievably good. I’m so excited for their actual release and final versions.

And good old Lindsay Lohan has a decent track going around. Bless her. I hope she can finally pull it back together.

Unfortunately I must warn you all to avoid the leaked Gaga stuff. It always sounds terrible until its officially finished. Just be happy we have a remix album for now.

One last thing I learned today. there are about 5 million unreleased Ke$ha songs and demos floating around, its ridiculous. And like 98% of them are better than the songs on her album. Crazy days.

Remember when Black Eyed Peas music videos used to be funny? The good old days. Now we’re in the “future”, where we have to put up with (no thanks to Lady GaGa I’m sure) these ten-minute gimmicks. Let’s get this straight, I have nothing against their music. In fact The E.N.D. is a perfectly awesome album. And new singles Imma Be & Rock That Body are perfectly decent tracks. But amongst the annoyingly-catchy beats and electronic squiggles, there lacks a cinematic scope (or, in Fergie’s own words, a “soul”) that would appropriately soundtrack this music video/short film. Its a choppy and heartless affair, with some amusement in the second half being the only saving grace. And to be quite honest, we should be very worried if will.i.am.’s vision of the future includes dancing robots. We’ve seen those plenty of times before…