Lost In A Melody
The beats are harder and edgier, the choruses are more supercharged and anthemic and the swearing is left uncensored - on paper it sounds like Ke$ha has made the tried and tested decision to make album number two a bigger and better version of everything she offered on her debut. Except when listening through, it still feels like there’s something wrong, something missing, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it that the lyrics have strayed from exploding into a glitter ball whilst drowning in cocktails at a dingy bar to obsess instead over tribal themes of standing together and living like you’re young or about to die? Is it that the skyscraper choruses often trade snarling identity for radio friendly anonymous breakdowns? Or is it that the hilarious and outrageous auto-tuning and vocoder effects are completely non-existant?
In truth, it’s probably all of the above and more. The tunes are decent enough and can’t really be faulted, but Warrior feels like a watered-down, chart-chasing Ke$ha and that’s definitely not the sleazy cannibal I fell in love with.
High points: Warrior, Die Young, C’Mon
Low points: Wherever You Are, Only Wanna Dance With You, Wonderland