Lost In A Melody

Since their debut EP, Icona Pop’s output has been very hit and miss, and I can’t say I’ve been much of a fan of the generic dance route they seemed to have gone down, which meant sacrificing a lot of the quirkiness that attracted me to them in the first place. However, the new homoerotic video for We Got The World improves the Calvin Harris-esque song by miles and has reignited my interest in the duo, so I’m off to go give their debut album a spin ;)

Lyssna: Musikguiden i P3: We Got The World - Icona Pop

Icona Pop have a new single from their Swedish debut album. The rest of the world will get a different single and just an EP. We Got The World sounds pretty similar to Ke$ha’s Die Young to these ears, and ultimately suffers from the same problems: effortlessly generic and lacking the punch that made their earlier material stand out. Hopefully the rest of the new tracks (including a version of I Love It featuring goth pop princess Charli XCX) will be much more exciting.