Lost In A Melody

M.O have debuted their first music video for Wait Your Turn. It’s not perfect, but (alongside Wings by Little Mix) it’s probably one of the most thrilling introductions to a new UK girl group in years. The track itself remains as exciting as always - I particularly love the fact that the beat sounds like someone is just smashing house hold objects on a table.

Here’s the first radio play of Wait Your Turn by new girl group M.O. - it sounds a lot punchier and more interesting than the original demo I heard, but not 100% sure what it will do for them. The upcoming video looks like it could be great though, so I’ll make a proper decision then ;)

The video above appears to be a trailer for the debut material from new girl group M.O. who I wrote about yesterday - which features Frankie from Mini Viva and two girls from Duchess. It appears there is a song called Wait Your Turn on the horizon, and from what I can tell from this tiny clip, it sounds fucking bonkers (in a good way, of course).