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Lady Gaga - Monster (Chew Fu Remix)

After three years of waiting, DJ Chew Fu has finally released his remix of Gaga’s “Monster”. The remix was initially going to accompany the single release of “Monster”, but plans were scrapped and the remix was shelved.

Well this is fantastic. Ah, ‘Monster’ - the amazing Number One single that never was. Remind me to thank the ‘Alejandro’ video for killing that campaign.


LADY GAGA V. LANA DEL REY — “Alejandro Was Born To Die”

Just get past that discordant intro and you’re golden.

Lana Gaga! Quite messy but there are moments of brilliance.

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Marry The Night VS. So Happy I Could Die - Lady Gaga Mashup by amazinglyjon

This is really beautiful.

Still A Free Bitch, Baby

Okay, so I totally missed the actual date that the original demo leaked (October 2nd) but the point is - CAN YOU BELIEVE BAD ROMANCE HAS NOW BEEN IN OUR LIVES FOR OVER A YEAR?

Fucking incredible. I’d do some sort of “I still remember the first time I heard it…” post, but that would end up being a bit shit because the first time I heard it I hated it and thought it sounded EXACTLY like Poker Face (which is one of my least favourite Gaga songs)

Anyway, let’s celebrate:

No self-respecting “Wall of Fame" could be complete without an appearance or two from Lady Gaga. True, she’s relatively new on the scene, but already she’s crafted some of the most amazing and groundbreaking songs that have been heard over the past decade. And that is not up for argument.

Expect her to earn a few places on the Wall, but to kick things off, we’ll start with her Fame Monster era catchphrase. The stuff of fierce-pop magic. And yes, the rules of the Wall do allow two songs to feature together in one segment.

I only have the censored version of Dance In The Dark, but you get the idea.

So my take on Alejandro…

I know there’s more to life… but I feel like if I write this down, it will hep me wrap my head around it.

Someone pointed out that video might be in reverse. I think this is probably true, the big clue being the scene where she seemingly attempts to swallow the rosary beads. If you look closely, its actually being played backwards and in reality she was filmed pulling the beads out of her mouth. Perhaps a hint at narrative being told out of order?

If you go to Nicola Formichetti’s blog and look at the fashion credits, the guy with the golden gun is referred to as “Evandro” (proving he’s not the titular character as some believed) So here’s what I think is going on…

The video starts by showing Evandro and the Nun-Gaga, placed between strings. The implication may be that both are puppets, Gaga of some kind of religious organisation, Evandro of the military/police (possibly linked to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” stuff she’s been bringing up in interviews recently). In this part of the story, riots are underway that are linked to a prejudice of some kind, either explicitly or merely represented by homophobia.

Alejandro is the character (remember we’re working backwards) who is shown amongst the riots, staring at the chaos and taking off his hat. I believe he too was part of the oppressing force but tried to stop the fights after realising what they were doing was wrong.

Next, Nun-Gaga is surrounded by the gay men, trying her hardest not to give into them. Of course, she eventually does after also realising they should be treated equal too, and symbolises this by letting them strip her of her outfit featuring the red cross.

After homosexuality (or whatever is being prejudiced against) is finally accepted, Gaga celebrates by engaging in (possibly simulated but I guess it doesn’t really matter if they are meant to be real or not) gay sex acts with the men. She then watches from the tower at the beginning of the video as the men do some kind of victory dance in front of a backdrop showing the previous riots.

During these events, Alejandro is either murdered for fighting the cause, or simply dies and is remembered as the saviour who first fought for the acceptance. The video ends (or starts should I say) with Gaga at his funeral, complete with a heart and a metal “A”.

Now… I could be completely wrong. But I think all that sounds pretty plausible. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the Lady herself has to say about it.

I won’t lie though, its a shame they went for something so dark and morbid (regardless of how artistic and topical it may be) when the song itself is so upbeat and summery. I’m not really expecting the song to do that well after seeing this video.

Someone should really tell her its okay for music videos to only be as long as the original track… before its too late…

My gut instinct?

A bit… well… dare I say it?

Too weird. Even for her. It just feels like too much of “LOOK AT ME AND ALL THESE GAY MEN WEARING NO CLOTHES! THE WEAPONS! THE SEX! THE RELIGIOUS ICONOGRAPHY!” And in the end, it isn’t really as shocking or controversial as it thinks it might be.

I don’t really get it, I’m not gonna lie. I’d heard rumors and stuff that it was supposed to be a celebration of gay love, and there would be a funeral with a “twist”. Neither of those things come across that strongly, despite the obvious large amount of “gay” men running around and the coffin. And what’s with her face burning up at the end?

Maybe I’ll like it better when she starts doing all the interviews and tries to explain the intentions. Compared to most music videos, its still amazing, and she certainly hasn’t lost it. Even if its just a little TOO Madonna.

The most I have learned from this is, Bad Romance will probably always be the best music video of all time.

Well to say there’s a load of OUTRAGE over American Idol playing a cut down version, I can’t say much happens…

Oh well. There will be other performances. I wonder if any of this choreography will work its way into the music video.

<Know this is a little bit late, but I was waiting for the initial hype to die down>

Lady GaGa is by no means the best actress. In fact, its one of the few things she’s pretty terrible at. The world overlooked this when the video for Paparazzi was released, too dumbfounded by just how… well… weird the whole thing was. So surely creating another short film now that everyone is more or less used to your crazy antics would be a questionable idea?

The good news is that GaGa manages to look comfortably at home in this Tarantino-inspired flick. Don’t worry kids, she’s done it again. Suffice to say, amidst the court case, the alleged exhaustion and insomnia, the darkness of The Fame Monster and the general morbid undertone felt throughout the revamped Monster Ball Tour, we could all use a little comic relief in the GaGa universe. And the video for latest single Telephone certainly provides it.

Beautifully designed, breathtakingly edited, hilariously written. It has every making of a truly iconic piece of film.

Beneath the surface, the video even dares to go deeper, touching on issues like female morality, the commercialised and superficial nature of American culture, and even homosexuality. Confronting the audience with issues and themes that they rarely like to think about.

After the exceptional dance routines and otherworldy costume changes, we’re left with a “To Be Continued…”

So the question isn’t, “Is the video for Telephone truly amazing and on par with some of history’s most memorable (i.e Thriller)?” Because the answer is undoubtedly yes. The question is, can GaGa continue to push the boundaries, to the point that she is repeatedly outdoing herself before anyone else has a chance to?

At this rate, with the next single already announced as Alejandro and news that the progress on the third album is well underway, it doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait long to find out…