Lost In A Melody

Here’s an amazing unreleased RedOne mix of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, which was submitted for her debut albumĀ - the official version was instead produced by the song’s co-writer, Rob Fusari.

So Lady Gaga’s advert for her perfume looks like it’s going to be the best thing ever made ever.

It has been too long since a Gaga song leaked. It may not be from the Born This Way sessions but it will do for not (I really like this though - very funky).


This is wicked

Still A Free Bitch, Baby

Okay, so I totally missed the actual date that the original demo leaked (October 2nd) but the point is - CAN YOU BELIEVE BAD ROMANCE HAS NOW BEEN IN OUR LIVES FOR OVER A YEAR?

Fucking incredible. I’d do some sort of “I still remember the first time I heard it…” post, but that would end up being a bit shit because the first time I heard it I hated it and thought it sounded EXACTLY like Poker Face (which is one of my least favourite Gaga songs)

Anyway, let’s celebrate:

What’s this? A sneak preview of the Alejandro music video?

My goodness, aren’t we lucky.

Naturally it looks amazing and nothing like how I imagined. Which is exactly what happened with Bad Romance and Telephone.

Looking a bit Vogue, let’s not lie. But that could never be a bad thing. I wonder if it will be in black and white, or if that was just for the purpose of the trailer…

Anyway, here’s another version of the preview with some extra tiny bits added in, courtesy of What’s-his-name