Lost In A Melody

Example’s new album is out on Monday, so here’s the obligatory new audio track posted on YouTube to showcase more of the upcoming material. There’s some singing bits, some guitar bits, some rapping bits and some dubstep bits - but all in all it’s a bit lifeless. Every now and then he gets it right, but more often than not his melodies just aren’t that exciting. Not a fan of the vocals on this either, this register doesn’t suit his limited voice at all.

This video is for those of you who have ever fantasised about Example flexing his muscles whilst painted completely silver and rapping about Skittles or something.¬†Inappropriate turn on, or just creepy? Haven’t quite decided yet.

Given that it’s one of my favourite singles of the year so far, it was always going to be hard for Example to follow up Say Nothing, but he’s given it a shot with the second single from his next album The Evolution Of Man.

Technically there’s nothing wrong with Close Enemies, it features all the threatening dubstep flourishes we’ve come to expect from the singer-turned-rapper, but it’s a litte bit too generic and doesn’t have that heartwarming anthem feel that made Say Nothing so bloody special. Nice try though mate.