Lost In A Melody

I don’t care how gorgeous the girls look, I will throw a mental if this turns out to be their last ever music video and single and it does fucking shit in the charts. This is such a non event of a comeback :( Ah well, at least we got some ace new tunes!

Apparently written by Nicola Roberts and produced by DJ Fresh, On The Metro is the final new Girls Aloud song, featuring typically British quirky lyrics over throbbing, chart-ready production. It would have made an extremely good album track on Tangled Up or Out Of Control, or even an amazing solo track for Nicola’s album - but once again, in the context of the reunion greatest hits, it leaves me feeling a little bit unsatisfied.

Every Now And Then is one of the four new songs on Ten - the second greatest hits collection from the recently reformed Girls Aloud. It doesn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of Something New, but with its vulnerable vocals layered over classy electro beat, it’s a vast improvement on Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me. It also sounds a bit like a t.A.t.U song in some parts.

Is it good enough in the context of the fact that these could well be the last batch of new tracks we’ll ever hear from the band? No. Definitely not.

Not sure about this one guys. All it seems to do is prove that Girls Aloud are pretty useless without Xenomania on board. Sounds like Nadine was busy the day they recorded it too :(

Please don’t ever go away again girls.

Girls Aloud // Something New // Ten

OH MY GOD. If this has an instrumental chorus, I WILL KILL EVERYONE.

You know I really don’t understand who makes Gabriella Cilmi videos. They just seem to get worse and worse. This feels more like the first of a series of exciting album promo videos. In that context it works perfectly fine, but as an actual music video for a single from an album that has been out for months… I’m just not getting anything from it.

HOWEVER, it is actually one of my favourite tracks from Ten. I really love the way the first chorus is a bit soft and whispery, then the next time round she goes all horsey and shouty. So there you have it.

Crikey. A pretty good song with a terrible music video, who would of thought it, eh?

I see somone is in a Britain’s Got Talent mood…