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Belated gig review #1 - SKY FERREIRA
It was never going to be the most bouncy of gigs - but it was pretty sweet. Starting to think it just may not be for me, but I do have to admit she does the whole terrifying, drugged up, depressed, anxiety teen queen schtick really well. But her new material leans more to punk and rock, so it would have been refreshing to see her being a bit more invested and loose. Instead, her obvious awkwardness just made me feel uncomfortable.
That said, she has plenty of decent tunes and she did them all justice without resorting to thrashing around on stage - Sad Dream as a stirring acoustic was the highlight of the night and proved to me that she can actually hold a tune really well. But if there’s one other disappointing thing I learned, it’s that Everything Is Embarrassing feels stupidly out of place in her discography. There’s literally no cohesion at all and at times it did feel like tributes to Garbage, Solange etc. Who or what actually is Sky?
Not sure she’s the saviour of pop that most are making her out to be, but it was nice to see on UK soil anyway and as long as she keeps dropping great songs every now and then, how can I complain?

I suspect Sky Ferreira would not be happy if she knew that I love the sound of new song You’re Not The One because it randomly reminds me of Avril Lavigne. Or maybe she would. Who knows, eh?

OneTwoWatch: Sky Ferreira

Myspace Music | Myspace Video

Here’s a cool feature from the new MySpace on Sky Ferreira, in which she is interviewed, she performs Sad Dream from her Ghost EP and gets a tarot card reading from a psychic. It’s all very pleasant but she looks terrifying. Time to go cold turkey I reckon.

A much anticipated preview of Sky Ferreira’s proper debut single (I think) has finally surfaced. Think Lana Del Rey married with the deserving return of Hole/Garbage and you’ve more or less hit the nail on the head. It sounds like it will be a truly terrific track, but it will be interesting to see if this throwback style will help Sky kickstart her career when her much more on-trend electronic releases previously failed. I mean she had a fucking song written by Ryan Tedder after all, and yet here we are now.

It’s going to hurt to finally let go of this version of Sky Ferreira, but I guess if she never wanted to be it, I’m not going to force her. This song is so much fun though.

AAAAAAAAGH. This sounds fucking mental.


Sky Ferreira - C'est La Mort by unchartable

THIS IS AMAAAAAAZIIIIIIIING *throws hands in the air like he just doesn’t care*

I WANT BLOOD WRITING DEMO by Sky Ferreira Official

Sky Ferreira’s been posting clips of new material on her SoundCloud for a few months now but I can’t say I’ve been paying attention. But for whatever reason I ended up there tonight and had a listen and to be quite honest it doesn’t sound that bad.

She’s got the perfect voice for this type of music and production (just like Ke$ha) and this particular song here is wonderfully crafted. Even in its demo form I’m getting huge No Doubt, It’s My Life vibes, so one can only imagine how wicked the finished version may sound if it ever sees the light of day.

Last Tumblr post before Xmas…

Here’s a few blog posts I’ve done over the past few weeks. I’ve been really busy and my head has been all over the place, so I haven’t been quite on-the-ball, but in the New Year I hope to find time to get back into some proper, serious blogging - plus some random posts on here too. I desperately want to get back in to the community.

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Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s ever liked, reblogged, commented, asked a question, added me on Facebook, followed me on Twitter. It’s a been a great year for me and I couldn’t have got to where I am now without your support!

Merry Xmas! Happy New Year! (And Happy Birthday to me - on Boxing Day! :-D)

It seems that in the past 2 weeks I have written quite a lot about Sky Ferreira, and yet I always have to check how to spell her surname.

Anyway, another track has surfaced. Remember how Obsession was nothing at all like Once? And neither of those were that similar to 17 either?

Well Whatcha Gonna Do continues the trend by being bizarrely different to them all. It’s all hand-claps and “woo”s and chanting and whistles and horns and… It’s just very messy. But in a surprisingly good way, just like Alesha’s Drummer Boy.

This is all fine and great, but some small smidgen of consistency would be nice.

So far, her stuff has been a bit hit and miss, but if she sticks to this kind of thing, and the glittery stuff found in One, then she should be okay.

I had not seen this music video for Sky Ferreira’s “buzz single” 17 before.

So imagine my surprise when I did finally get around to it, and saw this comment posted underneath;


"So weird seeing her famous. Went to middle school and high school with her. She always sang but she usually sang celene dion type stuff in talent shows. She can sing a lot better than any of this pop stuff she puts out. People would cry when she sang in school. Can’t wait till she puts out a song with her full talent. This is her not even trying hard."

Amazing. Now if this corker of a song is Sky not even trying - and this comment is indeed true - imagine how much more brilliant she may one day become when she’s free from the reigns of the commercial industry etc etc.

I also noticed this comment;


"I cant tell if her friends are a boy or a girl"


Can you believe this is produced by Ryan Tedder?

Although to be honest, it does say underneath that it was in fact produced by Bloodshy and Avant. But MuuMuse assures me it is not.

Well whoever you are Mr. Obsession Producer Man, well done.