Lost In A Melody
So apparently some dude from Stargate accidentally leaked these notes RE the mysterious new Beyoncé album. All the likely suspects are there and it alls seems pretty believable to me, but only time will tell if it’s a hoax or not. To be honest, I’m all for it being real if that means Ratchet (Featuring LADY GAGA) is going to be released next week :O

It would have been so easy for Mikky Ekko (the guy who wrote and featured on Rihanna’s incredible new single Stay) to just become another Weeknd, or Drake or Frank Ocean and croon modern R&B songs that were cold and heartbreaking (I don’t mean that in a bad way) but thankfully Pull Me Down is warm and anthemic and dreamy, feeling more like a big hug in front of the fire, rather than a journal entry outside a locked door. Does any of that make sense? Probably not. Just like the fact that Mikky sounds like Ryan Tedder. Has anyone ever seen them in the same room?

Fact is, this is glorious and romantic and I can’t wait to hear what else he has up his sleeve.

Here’s all the bands/acts I saw live in 2012

In chronological order and everything…

  • Marina And The Diamonds
  • Parade
  • The Wanted
  • EJ
  • A*M*E
  • Queen Of Hearts
  • HandS
  • Bright Light Bright Light
  • Little Boots
  • Kanye West / Jay-Z / Rihanna
  • Roxette
  • Misha B
  • Charli XCX
  • Josh Kumra
  • Labrinth / Plan B / Tinie Tempah
  • Natalie Duncan
  • Muse
  • Miaoux Miaoux
  • Dragonette
  • Sean McGowan
  • Delays

I was gonna write about who was the best and worst, but to be honest the quality this year has been far too high. Not only did I get to see some amazing acts that I’ve been dying to watch live for years (Marina, Little Boots, Muse, Roxette), I got to witness incredible fresh new talent like A*M*E, CHVRCHES and Charli, who all absolutely blew me away. Delays were as legendary as always, The Wanted continued to prove they know their way around an arena show, HandS were absolutely hilarious and Rihanna’s guest appearance during the Watch The Throne gig nearly reduced me to tears. I still idolised her at the point, you see.

What an amazing year. The bar has been set very high for 2013. I’d love to finally see Grimes, Unicorn Kid and even Björk if she fancies doing something. Gutted I didn’t get to see Madonna or Lady Gaga though, so perhaps I will be able to rectify that as well!

Here’s a very good trap/grime remix of Rihanna’s Pour It Up that improves massively on the original. It’s fan made, but it comes hot on the heels of rumours that the song will serve as the second single from Unapologetic. Which is obviously ridiculous.

And now, Sia performs Diamonds, which she wrote for Rihanna’s Unapologetic album. I was hoping we might get to hear this one day, but I think I actually prefer Rihanna’s ear pleasing tones. She may hit the big notes ridiculously well, but she doesn’t even do the “shine bright” bits!

Sia gives a little glimpse into the writing process of Diamonds by Rihanna.

Something has also changed in that fan-to-artist dynamic: those roles are just being enacted, not genuinely inhabited.

An amazing new piece from The Quietus on Rihanna, her new album Unapologetic, the 777 plane tour, the difference between real engagement and soulless brands and that duet with Chris Brown.

Click here to read. 

Ne-Yo and Nicky Romero’s original demo of Right Now from Rihanna’s new Unapologetic album shits all over the tired piece of crap she turned it into.



In today’s other Diamonds news (following the Zola Jesus cover), Rihanna has posted this terrific remix of the track, featuring some suitably sparkling verses from Kanye West, on her official SoundCloud page. CS

LOVE IT. I want a new Kanye album :(



This is We Must Be Killers, by Nashville’s Mikky Ekko, who has been signed by RCA in the US, whee he joins a rock roster featuring the Strokes, Kings of Leon, and the Foo Fighters. If you enjoyed Bends-era Radiohead, you may like this too. CS

This is great. He is on the new Rihanna song, Stay, that I posted yesterday too.

And here she is again, performing new song Stay. This is incredible - where did those amazing live vocals come from?! Keep it up RiRi, you’re doing great.

Rihanna performs Diamonds live on SNL. M.I.A. is NOT going to be happy with that Tumblr-inspired backdrop, is she?

Is this video about Chris Brown? It feels like everything Rihanna does these days is about Chris Brown. Hmm.

Rihanna performs Diamonds live at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show - her live vocals are getting better and better! She sounds and looks amazing here, proving that if she keeps playing her cards right, she’ll be on top of the game for the whole of Obama’s second term AT LEAST.