Lost In A Melody

P!nk in the Radio 1 Live Lounge part 2 - in which she performs Try effortlessly and reminds me why I voted for it as the best single of the year in the Popjustice 2012 Reader’s Poll

P!nk in the Radio 1 Live Lounge part 1 - in which she performs a splendid cover of Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys, who also happens to be her label mate and in the middle of her own single and album campaign. I see what you did there RCA and it’s very clever so I’m gonna give you this one.  It sounds like Christina Aguilera is just a lazy flop who can’t be arsed to promote her own songs but will sit in a revolving chair and talk about how “music lovers” are the only people that truly understand her.

But yeah, this cover is wicked. Makes the song slightly more listenable. 

P!nk recreates her breathtaking video for Try live at the American Music Awards. Best live performance of the year.

Well P!nk has just delivered the best music video of the year. Potentially one of the most visually incredible promos of her entire career too.

A few words on the new releases from P!nk and The Killers…

The Truth About Love doesn’t actually do what it says on the tin - I was expecting a few more ballads, Funhouse-style, but this is pretty much massive pop-rock hit after massive pop-rock hit. The collaborations from Fun. frontman Nate Reuss, Eminem and criminally underused Lily Allen/Cooper are all fantastic and the strange but refreshing country nursery-rhyme style choruses that feature in tracks like Just Give Me A Reason and How Come You’re Not Here expand on the circus flavours from her last studio album. It’s pretty much P!nk as you always knew her, but with much less Max Martin which means this collection isn’t ever in danger of veering into Kelly Clarkson territory. Big highlights include new single Try (emotional sucker punch to the gut) and the bonkers Slut Like You, which you can hear above.

As for The Killers - well they probably could have done with sticking to their template a bit more and playing by the numbers. Battle Born is more defined and coherent than Day & Age and when the 80’s references (particularly Meatloaf…) work, boy do they work. The choruses are huge and Brandon’s vocals are as smooth and powerful as ever. But apart from a few stand out tracks, The Killers remain as lyrically dull as usual and don’t have the melodies to back it up. It’s the second time (third if you count Sawdust) that the band have failed to live up to the perfect Sam’s Town, and I’m not going to get my hopes up that they ever will match it. Lead single Runaways is a strong grower and tracks like The Way It Was and Here With Me recall at least a glimpse of the glory days. Best song title goes to the glittery and camp Flesh And Bone, which I’m sure will end up as a single at some point.



The new track sounds like a rockier, less censored version of Robyn’s ‘Bum Like You’.

You can pre-order Pink’s new album “The Truth About Love” on iTunes now: http://itunes.apple.com/us/preorder/the-truth-about-love/id545468878


P!nk’s version of Try was premiered on radio last night - and as I predicted, the production is much rockier than the demo. I’m not 100% sure I like how hard the beat is (sounds like it was just added to make it more radio friendly) and I hate the weird musical bit that acts as the pre-chorus, but with those flaws aside, this is a brilliant, booming song. It’s a genuine, heartfelt P!nk anthem that I had stuck in my head instantly and it’s quite a sad, emotional track at the same time. How does she do it?!

It might be P!nk by numbers, but as Popjustice rightly pointed out, that’s not exactly a bad thing. Finally, anyone else getting Lullaby by Nadine Coyle vibes? Just me? :|

Here’s a demo of P!nk’s upcoming single Try, sung by the writers. The new version has apparently been reproduced by Greg Kurstin and been described as an “anthem” so I’m expecting the finished track will sound a lot faster and rockier - but even from this haunting original, it sounds like it will be an epic, Sober style ballad. CAN’T WAIT.

P!nk has made her welcome return with new track Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - and I reckon it’s safe to say that she’s broken her tradition of releasing comedy lead singles. The song is more or less a standard P!nk affair, but with a nice twist. The vocals are a bit more raw than usual, there’s a lot of use of the word “shit” and there’s something in the production that makes this more than just another Max Martin, Kelly Clarkson-esque pop rock anthem. As Popjustice rightly pointed out, it almost sounds like there’s a Two Door Cinema Club sample in there!

Stomping, energetic and ridiculous - Blow Me has all the ingredients to make this another P!nk summer anthem.

Since the last addition to the Wall of Fame was about P!nk promising not to spill the milk at dinner, I thought it would make perfect sense to include Marina (of “Marina & The Diamonds” “fame”) gloating about spilling the milk at breakfast.

Do you think that says a lot about success? P!nk apologised and promised never to do it again - she’s now VERY successful and much loved all over the world. Marina didn’t give a fuck and even laughed in our faces - and her last single didn’t exactly set the charts on fire…

Anyway, I love them both and although her “I’m absolutely BONKERS” routine can get a bit annoying sometimes, this is one of my favourite songs and always brings a smile to my face.

I wonder how much milk Nadine Coyle must have spilled in her career to end up in the state she’s in right now…

It definitely feels like the right time for P!nk’s debut on the Wall of Fame, so here is my favourite moment ever.

My parents are (fortunately) still together and very rarely argued in front of me and my siblings, so the fact that this song (especially the lyric about spilling milk) can still pull at my heart strings without me being able to relate to it, is - quite frankly - an amazing feat.

Well done P!nk.

We have been meaning to write about this song for a few days now, so here it finally is. It’s by an Australian singer named Sarah McLeod and it is called Double R.

Now, we’re guessing that Double R is some kind of Slang Down Under for Russian roulette - because that is what the song is about - or perhaps it has not been long enough since Rihanna’s single for people to start naming things similarly.

Either way, it’s a brilliant tune, considering it has come from a woman who Wikipedia claims is referred to as the “iconic Aussie rock chick”. Imagine if you will, Sophie Ellis-Bextor developing a serious smoking habit, then years later tackling some P!nk songs with her new, raspy voice, and you will be halfway there.


A long time ago (4 months to be exact) I wrote a little thing about Kimberly Wyatt and what’s gonna happen to her now she’s left the Pussycat Dolls and all that kind of stuff.

At the time she had just previewed a P!nk-esque track called Not Just A Doll. It was really good.

Then she went and surprised us by featuring on Aggro Santos’ Candy. Which, whilst still being a little urban, was more or less ELECTRO and therefore even more amazing.

Well they say good things come in threes, and so here is Wyatt’s third surprising musical moment of the year.

Tellingly, the video for Not Just A Doll has been removed from her channel. And that’s because that is no longer Phase One in her Solo Girl mission. This is.

Basically she’s doing a sort of collaboration with Spencer Nezey (from a band called Jupiter Rising). Its been described as having “electro-pop and house influences” and the mix-tape available for download at the site includes artists like Marina And The Diamonds and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, all wrapped in some nice and filthy rave-y stuff.

"Sounds good," I hear you say, "but when can we expect something to actually happen?" Well the above video is a preview of their first single Glaciers, and according to the website the song (and possibly a full video to go with it) will debut at some point on August 27th.

Oh, and the project/band/thing is called Her Majesty & The Wolves.