Lost In A Melody

Apparently written by Nicola Roberts and produced by DJ Fresh, On The Metro is the final new Girls Aloud song, featuring typically British quirky lyrics over throbbing, chart-ready production. It would have made an extremely good album track on Tangled Up or Out Of Control, or even an amazing solo track for Nicola’s album - but once again, in the context of the reunion greatest hits, it leaves me feeling a little bit unsatisfied.

Not sure about this one guys. All it seems to do is prove that Girls Aloud are pretty useless without Xenomania on board. Sounds like Nadine was busy the day they recorded it too :(

Here is a preview of the upcoming Little Mix album. It sounds lazy, cheap and almost as dated as Parade’s debut record. The only one (aside from the lead singles, which obviously had most of the budget thrown at them) that shows a glimpse of promise is How Ya Doin’? Extremely disappointing.

Please don’t ever go away again girls.

Girls Aloud // Something New // Ten

OH MY GOD. If this has an instrumental chorus, I WILL KILL EVERYONE.


Nicola Roberts - Memory of You

There’s plenty of things wrong with the Nicola Roberts solo campaign - but one thing that has been amazing is the stuff she packages her singles with. B-sides, megamixes, demos, acoustic and live versions - and now this: a solo recording of an incredible Girls Aloud B-side. Other pop stars need to take note, because I would totally buy more singles if they came with shit like this.

Ten Best Singles of 2011

Yeah, I did it. Why not, eh?


What The Hell - Avril Lavigne

This was probably the first new song I heard in 2011 and it was everything I wanted Avril to be and everything Avril didn’t want to be. Plus I got to see the video in 3D (ha!). What an amazing tune though.


With Ur Love - Cher Lloyd

After we got Swagger Jagger out of the way (which I really liked by the way), Cher came back stronger with this amazingly sweet song. Mike Posner’s voice makes me melt and the acoustic version is to die for.


Crystalline - Björk

Despite it being her least successful album in the UK so far and definitely not her strongest effort, the campaign for Biophilia at least started off strong with this lead single which basically encompasses every sound and genre the singer has ever touched upon on her earlier work. Imagine that Greatest Hits were songs that gave an insight into an artist’s career, instead of albums, and this would probably be Björk’s.


On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez

Sometimes, what makes a good song even more memorable is when EVERYONE loves it. I definitely never expected Jennifer Lopez to bounce back into the spotlight in the way that she did, but this song shows off the strong points of everyone involved and you literally couldn’t move on a night on without hearing it. A novelty classic that I reckon people will still listen to in years to come.


Price Tag - Jessie J

I really didn’t want to include this because my love for Jessie J has waned considerably over this course of this year, but again, this was one of those really cool songs that everyone was singing along to. I can remember being online, so eager to see the video and loving it when it was released too. Plus it’s the only B.o.B. rap I like.


Someone Like You - Adele

There are probably much better songs that were released this year and songs that I personally chose to listen to more, but there’s no denying that this was THE biggest hit of 2011 and the power it has over people all over the planet is inspiring.


Lucky Day - Nicola Roberts

I wasn’t especially keen on Beat Of My Drum but Lucky Day is the happiest song I have ever heard in my life. I can’t hear it without smiling like a maniac and my jaw usually hurts by the end. Plus, when you sing along, it doesn’t matter how bad your own voice is, you automatically sound amazing. Try it.


Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Waiting for a brand new Gaga single is a bit like waiting for Christmas in my experience and I was so excited to for this song before it was released that I remember bluntly asking if I could hear it when I visited Popjustice HQ as I was convinced they had the demo. Turns out they didn’t and the song ended up being another one of those tracks where every experience of it was shared by me and others. Listening to it for the first time, watching the Grammy performance, seeing the music video - at every stage of this song’s birth I was joined by a friend or two and was able to immediately dissect and discuss. I’m not usually a big fan of things that my brain decides are too “cheesy” or “camp” but I fell in love with this instantly.


We Found Love - Rihanna

Another of this year’s biggest hits. Rihanna is on a bit of a downward spiral in my opinion, things are getting lazier and lazier - but this song (along with the video) are 100% pop perfection and can make you feel about 1,000 different emotions at once. It really doesn’t get any better.


The Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga

The music video was shit, the live performances were a bit dodgy and in terms of chart success, this song pretty much slipped under the radar again BUT everything about it is perfect. I cried when I first heard this and the life affirming moment that came after it had finished is the reason it’s my favourite song of the year. This song is beyond pop music, but is also a pretty good example of how it can be done exceptionally well.

This video is as dull as Nicola’s acting and dancing is stiff. And the guy ain’t all that.

This looks like it will be a good video.

I could exhaust myself (and you all) with positive and negative comments about this song, this video and this woman - but to be honest I can’t really be fucked analysing her anymore. So all I can say is: “I like this.”

This is going to sound so good on radio.

If they play it.

I’m kidding.

Or am I?

I am.

This is more like it Nicola.

You get that Top 20 smash babygurl.

Last Tumblr post before Xmas…

Here’s a few blog posts I’ve done over the past few weeks. I’ve been really busy and my head has been all over the place, so I haven’t been quite on-the-ball, but in the New Year I hope to find time to get back into some proper, serious blogging - plus some random posts on here too. I desperately want to get back in to the community.

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