Lost In A Melody

Wowsers, Björk’s just released the best music video she’s made since December 2007. Hurrah!

Apparently there’s a video coming for Björk’s Mutual Core, which is by far one of the best tracks from her recent Biophilia album. Rumour has it that Andrew Thomas Huang is the director, and after a quick look at his previous experience in music videos, I can believe it. Hope it’s not just an “unusual” nature time lapse video though. I want to see some Björk in there!

Drum and bass ahoy! Here are the three most interesting bits from the new Björk album.

There are a couple of other highlights, but the majority of it is pretty rubbish. Dark Matter is potentially the worst thing she’s ever put her name to.

Nice. This could potentially be the best song on the album at this rate.