Lost In A Melody

Someone mixed all of MDNA together and included clips from some of the bigger hits, and then set it all to a massive video retrospective of Madonna’s lengthy career, featuring live performances, music videos, photo shoots, home movie footage and more. It’s glorious.




So here for ARTPOP sounding like this haha

The premise of this new Madonna video requires you to suspend your disbelief for a few seconds. Madge is desperate to hide from the prowling paparazzi who are invading her much needed private space, whilst presumably on her way to the next MDNA show where she’ll flash a nipple and have an emotional breakdown during Like A Virgin.

if Turn Up The Radio had nicer recorded vocals, a better video and was released as the lead single from this album, it could have been another smash hit for the Queen of Pop, but as it stands, this is a little bit embarrassing. Let’s just enjoy the track and pretend this never happened.

Madonna performed a mash-up of Born This Way, Express Yourself and She’s Not Me at the opening night of her worldwide MDNA Tour last night. There’s a risk that I’m going to waste my time cross-examining this event, but here are my thoughts. In a show that is allegedly full of prayers and speeches for world peace and how to love and respect one another, I can’t quite believe that Madonna would then use this as not only an opportunity to rubbish Lady Gaga and her cultural impact, but also cast aside a very important song with a deep and extremely relevant message as something silly and “reductive”.

Which can only mean one thing - she’s included this mash-up for attention (which is fair enough, she is the Queen of controversy after all), but also because she knew people were kinda expecting it and were dying for her to make some kind of statement on it. The MDNA tour is rife with old choreography and new twists on classic costumes, I think there’s a bigger issue coming to light than whether or not one song sounds like another and if Gaga deserves to have the piss taken out of her - and that’s that within this era, it has become very clear that Madonna has stalled, and become frozen in a moment. She’s only giving us what we expect. We can no longer hope her to drive new trends or unleash forward thinking creative ideas. She merely exists as a museum of her past and is only interested in celebrating everything that she stood for and achieved, rather than trying to lead the pack with something we’ve never seen before.

It was bound to happen at some point - and will happen to all artists of her calibre, including Gaga one day - but I can’t lie, I’m disappointed we’ve reached this stage already.

PS. Aside from this, I think the show looks INCREDIBLE and she’s killing it in ways that no other artist will probably ever do at that age. So jealous of everyone that is going.

"I don’t have all the answers, but I know that I’m evolving." - This is a really intriguing and inspiring interview that ends up being a much more interesting listening experience than most of the new album. I do like the album though, don’t worry.

I won’t point out the similarities between this and certain other things because I’m pretty bored of that game now. It’s a cute video, nothing more, nothing less. She looked stunning and confident when she was dancing with the guys also.

Love this. LOVE THIS.

I waited 4 years for a Girls Aloud reunion and all I got was this shitty Madonna rip-off.

Nicki’s bit sounds good, but I’m bored of M’s vocals being so buried in the production in all these new tracks.


I hear shades of Roxette in this and despite the fact that her vocals are once again completely buried in the production, I really like it - getting more and more excited for this album with each new preview!

Still can’t make a proper decision based on these low quality snippets, but due to the fact that this one sounds immensely promising, my anticipation for MDNA just increased by 42%.

Hmmmmmm. This isn’t so bad, I guess. Sounds like it’ll kick ass in high quality too.