Lost In A Melody
Here’s all the bands/acts I saw live in 2012

In chronological order and everything…

  • Marina And The Diamonds
  • Parade
  • The Wanted
  • EJ
  • A*M*E
  • Queen Of Hearts
  • HandS
  • Bright Light Bright Light
  • Little Boots
  • Kanye West / Jay-Z / Rihanna
  • Roxette
  • Misha B
  • Charli XCX
  • Josh Kumra
  • Labrinth / Plan B / Tinie Tempah
  • Natalie Duncan
  • Muse
  • Miaoux Miaoux
  • Dragonette
  • Sean McGowan
  • Delays

I was gonna write about who was the best and worst, but to be honest the quality this year has been far too high. Not only did I get to see some amazing acts that I’ve been dying to watch live for years (Marina, Little Boots, Muse, Roxette), I got to witness incredible fresh new talent like A*M*E, CHVRCHES and Charli, who all absolutely blew me away. Delays were as legendary as always, The Wanted continued to prove they know their way around an arena show, HandS were absolutely hilarious and Rihanna’s guest appearance during the Watch The Throne gig nearly reduced me to tears. I still idolised her at the point, you see.

What an amazing year. The bar has been set very high for 2013. I’d love to finally see Grimes, Unicorn Kid and even Björk if she fancies doing something. Gutted I didn’t get to see Madonna or Lady Gaga though, so perhaps I will be able to rectify that as well!


Lesson of the day

I just want this album. So much. Crescendo was amazing live.

Here’s a relatively brand new remix of Headphones done by Ronika, in which it sounds like Little Boots is actually doing some kind of trippy duet with her twin brother*. Disturbing and amazing in equal parts.

*Little Boots doesn’t actually have a twin brother by the way**, that was just a wacky observation.

**As far as I know, anyway. Better check Wikipedia***.

***She doesn’t.

Cute video, love the concept, all though it’d obviously be 100 times better if Little Boots herself could dance, or had any stage presence at all for that matter. It’s a good job her tunes are massive.

Headphones is the new single from Little Boots’ upcoming second album. It has shades of Blondie about it, and it has shades of Kylie about it. It also has an amazing two-part chorus, some amazing retro sound effects and a brilliant lyrical concept. One thing it doesn’t have is the same punch it packs when performed live, but I can live with that. Catchy stuff.

Well what I will say is that Victoria is looking very Debbie Harry in this video and I for one approve.

I’m getting more and more excited for the return of Little Boots as the days go on. This one sounds a bit more like her first album and also reminds me a lot of Blondie. What more could you want from life?

Also, I was actually out in London when this FREE gig was happening, I can’t believe I didn’t go. Will definitely regret that…


Little Boots - Every Night I Say A Prayer

This is alright, isn’t it?

(Source: idontlikeyourtunes)

When Example does that thing with his eyebrows, I melt a little inside…

I like this, but it’s barely a full song. Jingle would be a more appropriate term.

I managed to chat to Little Boots for a couple of minutes when she DJed at last month’s Club Oh My! (MNEK is doing the next one, if you’re interested) and I begged her to finish her set with one of her new tracks. She said she might. She didn’t.

It feels like music won’t even exist anymore by the time she does actually release something new, but until then here’s a cover of Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend which is alright.

Anybody else feel like Goldfrapp suddenly thought “OH WELL let’s just go for it” when they made this?

I’m not even sure what to say. But every Little Boots video should have been like this.

I very much like the song too, with its honky-tonk Mika-style piano and general summer lazer-iness.