Lost In A Melody

What I want most from ARTPOP is at least one song that moves me emotionally. It can be done in many different ways, of course, and I will accept any - whether it’s some sort of movie soundtrack-esque super synth buildup like an M83 track, a mega dance breakdown with a beautiful melody that transcends time and space, a raw and vulnerable ballad that moves you to tears or a grand, sprawling ego-tastic anthem in the vein of Beyoncé’s I Was Here.

The closest Gaga has come to this is easily on The Edge Of Glory, obviously. I actually cried the first time she performed it live and stripped back at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend (which you can see above).

Loads of other pop stars have done this for me, so it would be great if she could sort that out, please and thanks.


Lady Gaga - Monster (Chew Fu Remix)

After three years of waiting, DJ Chew Fu has finally released his remix of Gaga’s “Monster”. The remix was initially going to accompany the single release of “Monster”, but plans were scrapped and the remix was shelved.

Well this is fantastic. Ah, ‘Monster’ - the amazing Number One single that never was. Remind me to thank the ‘Alejandro’ video for killing that campaign.

Merry Christmas from Lady Gaga (and me).



A new rumored ARTPOP  Instrumental leak uploaded by the person who leaked Kesha’s Warrior and Beyonce’s “4” snippets. Also check out ARTPOP audio that we have uploaded a few months ago here

i like everything about this

So obviously fake, but someone should release it because it’s ace.

Here’s an amazing unreleased RedOne mix of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, which was submitted for her debut album - the official version was instead produced by the song’s co-writer, Rob Fusari.

Here’s Lady Gaga’s mix of Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe, which never saw the light of day on Kendrick Lamar’s debut album. I’ve never heard her sing like this, and I think she pulls it off rather well. Sultry. Can’t wait to hear what else these two have been cooking up.

DJ White Shadow Vision #1 - apparently featuring some instrumentals from ARTPOP (although that remains unconfirmed).




So here for ARTPOP sounding like this haha

Here’s the deal: Lady Gaga wrote and recorded an acapella to go over an instrumental called Stache by dance music artist Zedd and here is the bloody result. Given that he’s one of the guys working on ARTPOP, this *might* be a hint at what we can expect, although I would imagine it’s going to all sound much less generic. This is fun though!


Video of Gaga singing a bit of “Ratchet” during her show in Paris, France earlier.

You won’t fool me again with your theater, you won’t fool me again ratchet girl.


So here’s the story: DJ White Shadow (who was responsible for a lot of Born This Way) posted a new demo online called Trap AKA Cake featuring a distorted rap vocal. Some clever sod has downloaded it, re-pitched it and then uploaded it to reveal that Lady Gaga herself appears to be rapping about herself.

"Burka swag". I’m speechless.