Lost In A Melody

Well this is all very nice and good, but is there gonna be a Diplo remix?

Jennifer Lopez tried to recreate the magic of her and Pitbull’s On The Floor with Dance Again and now Kelly Rowland has teamed up for another steamy round with Lil Wayne to try and follow up the success of her urban single Motivation. Ice is basically a clone copy, with sizzling lyrics and maddeningly slow beats, creating an undeniably erotic feel. This type of music isn’t really to my taste, but compared to her other cheesy dance tracks, I can definitely appreciate this track for what it is. Praying that there’s a sleazy Diplo remix again though.

All this would need to make it a hardcore fetish porn scene is some graphic nudity. Kelly, I’mma need you to go away for a while and reconsider what “sexy” actually means.

Elephants and slinkys. For real?

I stopped watching UK X Factor ‘cos it got soooo formulaic (even the phenomenal Kelly Rowland wasn’t worth the filler) but I’m a sucker for girls like Misha, so it looks like I might be starting again…

Mother of God…

First thoughts: ERRRRRMMMMMMM. No.

Second thoughts: Actually not that bad.

That bit on the stairs has made our week and we really wish our lives were simply made up of lots of moments just like that.

We’ve also decided that this song is - wait for it - quite alright. In fact it’s so pleasing that for a short while we forgot that Kelly seems to have no bloody idea about what she’s doing with her life anymore.

This is going to look amazing in 3D!

The problem with the song is that the build-up to the chorus takes so long, and then it ends up not being anywhere near as anthemic or epic as you anticipate.

But it does pick up towards the end. It’s better than Commander in a way (even though that was amazing) because it’s not just a case of “Ooh, look at me wearing something odd and dancing around, singing about clubs”, which never suited Kelly’s persona.

So more of this on the album please Ms. Rowland. And if you are going to have dance tracks, we would suggest they are effortless and When Love Takes Over-esque.

So, um, this Kelly Rowland album is sounding a bit hit and miss.

I also hear rumours that she’s thinking of naming it When Love Takes Over.

Please Kelly, no. Just no.

Here’s Some Things You Might Find Interesting

Jon Lee has joined the line of people suddenly feeling the need to come out. Bizarre.

Jamiroquai are making a comeback, but are supposedly ditching their previous style. Intriguing.

That thing about Bowie working with Lady Gaga is an elaborate hoax. Terrible.

Kelly Rowland is going to release at least two versions of her upcoming album. Fantastic.

Avril Lavigne is reportedly close to finishing her album. Brilliant.

Erykah Badu has had to pay a fine for all that Window Seat business. Unfortunate.

The Noisettes have roped in Ne-Yo to help write their new material. Funky.

Scouting For Girls are desperate to get a gig on Emmerdale. Traumatising.

I’m sure you’ll agree there’s nothing more entertaining than following links. Knock yourself out.

This is still good. But something is lacking. Liking the emotion that’s coming through though. That’s one of the things that was lacking in Commander, there was absolutely no personality.

But this sort of epic, Ryan Tedder rave ballad has become a bit tiring now.

Anyway, sorry for that sudden explosion of Kelly Rowland tracks. And the terrible quality.

This too. This is awesome.

"Like the job that I never get a break from/Because haters never take a vacation"


I have to say as much as I enjoyed everyone going wacky and obsessed with club tracks post-Gaga, its nice to see its starting to fizzle out.

And this is lovely. And retro. And just nice and joyful.

Its simple. I like it.

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I must say, this is very good. Very good indeed. Yes, I can see me dancing to this quite easily.