Lost In A Melody

C’mon Ellie - why would you release your best single yet and support it with a video where the main concept seems to be “let’s put Ellie in a spinny chair and whirl her around for a bit”?

That being said, I love the scenes where she’s wrapped up in the red cloak - very Madonna and quirky.

Under The Sheets by Ellie Goulding was amazing in its relentlessness - there’s not one moment in that debut single that you can’t hear her unique vocal in some way or another, which served as a massive statement at the time. What a shame that the lead single (Anything Could Happen) from her second release is mostly built around a summer-drenched instrumental, like most other “hits” in the charts these days.

There’s nothing dramatically wrong with the song, but it’s one of the most generic things Ellie has ever put her name to and I can’t help but feel very disappointed after the amount of hype that’s starting to build up for the new record.

Any fears that Ellie Goulding was going to drop the glitches and sparkles and become best mates with the piano and guitar after the massive success she had with her cover of Your Song have been forever extinguished thanks to this short album trailer for upcoming release Halcyon. Although the snippets are few and short, the video is packed full of hooks, synths, beats, melodies and vocals that are all on the right side of epic. I’m not a massive fan of Ellie, but if she gets this right, it could be absolutely massive in both the UK and the US.