Lost In A Melody

Fireflies has been cancelled before it even had chance to begin, and Leona’s team has finally chosen the best song as the next single from Glassheart - Lovebird! Apparently this is the radio edit, but to be quite honest it’s been a while since I listened to the original, so I’ve no idea what is different here. The fact remains, it’s a strong and catchy ballad, perfect for the season - but will radio pick up on it after the disaster of Trouble and will it find any place in the chart? I will believe it when I see it.

Some previews of Leona Lewis’ now mythical third album Glassheart, which was supposed to be her adventure into goth pop, but instead only includes three electronically influenced tracks and is instead filled with loads of safe ballads.

Well Love Birds and Come Alive sound amazing anyway.

I’ve been feeling relatively ”meh” about Trouble for a few weeks now, but coupled with this amazingly acted music video, I feel like we’re finally getting a proper glimpse of the Leona Lewis we’ve been waiting to adore ever since she won the X Factor - one that was hinted at in Bleeding Love, but never quite formed and appeared. I still think this track would benefit from Leona really letting rip, but it’s a definite step in the right direction.

My favourite bit is where Colton wakes up on the sofa and Leona is just watching him whilst eating her breakfast. She’s got serious bitch face going on and I LOVE IT.

The trouble with Trouble is exactly the problem that I had with last single Collide. Alarm bells started ringing as soon as I heard Emeli Sandé had written the new track and there was a featured rapper. This doesn’t sound like a Leona Lewis song at all, it sounds like Leona Lewis singing an Emeli Sandé song - and there are already about 500 new acts trying to do exactly the same thing. I get what they’ve tried to achieve (take Leona’s usual bombastic ballad and add a modern, radio-friendly twist) but the result is generic and forgettable. For me, this is just another step in the wrong direction.

A decade or so later, Leona Lewis has finally previewed new material from her highly anticipated Glassheart album. Thankfully the electronics haven’t been completely thrown out after the commercial disaster of Collide and Come Alive (performed live not long ago at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend) has blips, dubstep and deliciously dark backing vocal effects.

It’s a bit hard to tell from this rip, but my only worry is that once again the melodies and chorus aren’t particularly strong - but on the other hand I’m pretty sure I had some strings that sounded like that bit in Britney’s Toxic, so it could go either way to be honest.

TBH I know we all wanted Leona to go all dance and shit and then it didn’t work and she’s changed her mind etc but I’m not disappointed by the sound of this at all. In fact I REALLY like it and I can’t wait to hear a full studio version if it does turn out to be for the new album.

This sounds better than Collide, but it sucks that instead of creating some really unique pop songs with interesting structures and production that would suit Leona’s style and personality, the concept of this album is basically “Let’s record a song, then press the “rave” button and see what happens”