Lost In A Melody

I don’t care how gorgeous the girls look, I will throw a mental if this turns out to be their last ever music video and single and it does fucking shit in the charts. This is such a non event of a comeback :( Ah well, at least we got some ace new tunes!

Apparently written by Nicola Roberts and produced by DJ Fresh, On The Metro is the final new Girls Aloud song, featuring typically British quirky lyrics over throbbing, chart-ready production. It would have made an extremely good album track on Tangled Up or Out Of Control, or even an amazing solo track for Nicola’s album - but once again, in the context of the reunion greatest hits, it leaves me feeling a little bit unsatisfied.

Every Now And Then is one of the four new songs on Ten - the second greatest hits collection from the recently reformed Girls Aloud. It doesn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of Something New, but with its vulnerable vocals layered over classy electro beat, it’s a vast improvement on Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me. It also sounds a bit like a t.A.t.U song in some parts.

Is it good enough in the context of the fact that these could well be the last batch of new tracks we’ll ever hear from the band? No. Definitely not.

Not sure about this one guys. All it seems to do is prove that Girls Aloud are pretty useless without Xenomania on board. Sounds like Nadine was busy the day they recorded it too :(

Please don’t ever go away again girls.

Songs You Need To Hear #05

Girls Aloud // Black Jacks // Tangled Up

In honour of today’s Girls Aloud reunion press conference (which you can watch live here in about 15 minutes), the newest installment in my Songs You Need To Hear series is my personal favourite from their extensive back catalogue.

The chanty rap bit is delightful and the chorus is stomping. Nadine, Cheryl and co. at their very finest.

Girls Aloud // Something New // Ten

OH MY GOD. If this has an instrumental chorus, I WILL KILL EVERYONE.


Nicola Roberts - Memory of You

There’s plenty of things wrong with the Nicola Roberts solo campaign - but one thing that has been amazing is the stuff she packages her singles with. B-sides, megamixes, demos, acoustic and live versions - and now this: a solo recording of an incredible Girls Aloud B-side. Other pop stars need to take note, because I would totally buy more singles if they came with shit like this.

Potentially Amazing New Girlband Alert!

Have you heard of Parade? No? Well you have now. Basically, with The Saturdays probably weeks away from being extinguished, Girls Aloud already long dead and Belle Amie proving they will never be the next big thing, these girls are hopefully going to fill that void.

Here are some reasons as to why they are brilliant. Or at least sound like they could be brilliant.

  • There are 5 members. That’s the same as Girls Aloud, The Saturdays and Spice Girls. So we know it will work for a while.
  • They look much older than they actually are. I don’t mean that in a bad way - I think they look much more intelligent and feisty than some
  • They are going to be supporting Alexandra Burke next year on her All Night Long tour. Fantastic. (Here’s what they’re like live in case you’re thinking of going)
  • They have a song called Louder (Clip currently streaming here) The chorus doesn’t sound very interesting, but I’m sure it will be better in the context of the full song, and the rest of it is nice enough.
  • They’re not afraid to tell people their “poo stories" :-|

Here is a video in which they introduce themselves;

It’s not very exciting - but let’s give them a chance, eh?

This is probably better than Insatiable, but it’s far too early in the morning to be making serious, concrete decisions.

We CAN, however, safely say that the only losers here are Girls Aloud.

Nicola Roberts. The Ginger One. The Ugly One. The Prettiest One. The Best One. The Dullest One.

She goes by many names these days, and today’s Wall of Fame entry is all about her.

Well, technically it’s not. Call The Shots is of course a song by the whole of Girls Aloud, and every single moment of it is beautiful and enchanting.

But obviously, this solo/middle eight/bridge/whatever the kids are calling it, is just out of this world.

Some people say that just because she didn’t seem to do much before this, that doesn’t automatically make her singing a couple of lines so amazing. Which is true, but that’s not the reason this is so good.

It’s the way it gets all emotional and quiet, and then before it even has chance to sink in properly, it starts getting all glittery and sweeping again and you’re back into the chorus.

As with most Girls Aloud tracks, it’s perfectly accomplished.