Lost In A Melody

So Scream And Shout is simply Will.i.am by numbers, but the Gimme More sample and British-ney sounding the happiest and most engaging she’s been in a long time makes this quite special, in a ludicrous way.

This is kind of more for my own boredom-quelling benefit, but I’m starting a “Wall of Fame”, basically a collection of little musical snippets that are pure genius.

So if you do happen to be interested in a stranger’s opinion on literally SECONDS of music, you can go there.

The first thing to earn a place on aforementioned wall is the opening line from Gimme More by Britney Spears.

Do I really need to waste space with an explanation? Not only was it the comeback single (after all that drama), but it was also the opening line to the entire Blackout album - and it pretty much set the tone for what turned out to be one of her greatest efforts.

Probably The Best Opening Line in the history of the universe. Well done Ms. Spears.