Lost In A Melody

The Re-Up looks set to be a very good example of damage control - it’s no secret that people are starting to treat Nicki Minaj as a joke after her commercial efforts, and although that part didn’t necessarily annoy me personally, I do feel like she was becoming too much of a cartoon character (despite the fact that all other artists in her generation have packed the wigs back in their wardrobes now) and it’s good to see some of that restrained and classy Nicki making an appearance in this sweet new video for Freedom. More of this and less of the bikinis please.

Dear Old Nicki… You came back… :)

I really wasn’t expecting Sugababes to be so good, but I had a lot of fun. Their set was probably the longest too and they pulled out some real classics. I’ve heard people mention before how weird it is to see this line-up perform some of the older tracks but personally I think they definitely held their own.


Today really was T4 On The Beach all over again.. so the Sugababes showed up to perform Freedom one more time as well. We’re not sure if this was the song and place to perform unplugged, but credit where credit’s due: they are still (or once again) the vocally strongest girl group of the moment.

Call me crazy, but I actually quite like this. There’s something about the way it’s been shot (really tight) that intrigues me and it’s definitely not like most club videos (contrary to what people are saying).

The problem here, regardless of whether or not the song does it for you, is that these girls are forever living in the shadows of the Sugababes legacy, so nothing they do will ever be good enough, If they were just three women in a band with a different name I’m sure everyone would find this acceptable at the very least.


Just NO.

This looks much better…

Sugababes - Freedom by sugababesdaily

I still feel like there’s something interesting and pleasant going on here, but I just can’t get over how pitiful, weak and tacky the production is. This is song about 3 years too late to the party man.

Before this happened, I literally stood next to them whilst they rehearsed acapella with all the dancers just behind the stage and it was much better.

That’s all I have to say to be honest.

It’s a sad day when the advert is better than your brand new single that happens to be soundtracking it.

I’m so over dub-step bits in pop songs. And dancehall isn’t working out very well either. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?!?!?!