Lost In A Melody

Example’s new album is out on Monday, so here’s the obligatory new audio track posted on YouTube to showcase more of the upcoming material. There’s some singing bits, some guitar bits, some rapping bits and some dubstep bits - but all in all it’s a bit lifeless. Every now and then he gets it right, but more often than not his melodies just aren’t that exciting. Not a fan of the vocals on this either, this register doesn’t suit his limited voice at all.

This video is for those of you who have ever fantasised about Example flexing his muscles whilst painted completely silver and rapping about Skittles or something.┬áInappropriate turn on, or just creepy? Haven’t quite decided yet.

Songs You Need To Hear #04

Example // Anything // Playing In The Shadows

By the sounds of these album clips, Example is trying to do a Kanye West and evolve from agressive (in style, not content) rhymes about girls and partying and life’s hardships and give his fans a little insight into his world. But where 808’s & Heartbreaks was vulnerable and cold, this all sounds limp and soppy.

One time when Example previously got this right was during a bonus track on his previous release. A simple track featuring some wonderful crooning, Anything is adorable and tells a suitably sad story. Plus “I’m never, ever, ever gonna forget, I’m gonna keep the ticket stub from when we first met” is a hopelessly romantic lyric. More of this please Elliot.

Given that it’s one of my favourite singles of the year so far, it was always going to be hard for Example to follow up Say Nothing, but he’s given it a shot with the second single from his next album The Evolution Of Man.

Technically there’s nothing wrong with Close Enemies, it features all the threatening dubstep flourishes we’ve come to expect from the singer-turned-rapper, but it’s a litte bit too generic and doesn’t have that heartwarming anthem feel that made Say Nothing so bloody special. Nice try though mate.

Example once wrote a song, then gave it away to someone else, and then in the end it was never released. That song was incredible and sounded like nothing he had ever put his name to before. Say Nothing (the lead single from his new album) is the closest he’s got to recreating that amazing and mysterious track. Essentially what I’m trying to say is that this is also brilliant. I never doubted for a second that moving away from straight up club records to this guitar driven sound would suit him and his vocals perfectly, and Say Nothing delivers more and more with every listen. This will be one of the biggest sounds of the summer, if all goes to plan. And maybe the reaction will be so good that he’ll dig up that unheard classic-in-the-making and chuck that on the album too. I can only hope.

A Calvin Harris/Example collaboration is one of those things that I would have never thought up myself, but the moment I heard about it, it made total sense. Luckily someone DID think of it, and We’ll Be Coming Back is the result. It’s a standard affair for both artists - singing/rapping from Example and mental production from Calvin - but it sounds absolutely massive. In fact I’m worried that this song is so huge that the high quality version may break my speakers when it’s released.

Speaking of which, here’s the video teaser for Chasing The Sun. At least I think it’s for that song. Hard to tell when all their videos look exactly the same :/

I always genuinely believed that The Wanted’s style of music would have been a perfect match with Ryan Tedder’s writing process - and today I heard their new track Satellite, the product of a much anticipated collaboration between the two acts .

It sounds like a The Wanted song - tried and tested formula of softer verses and bombastic beat-drive choruses. And it doesn’t sound like a OneRepublic song - which is actually a bit disappointing because I reckon the boys could easily pull off a track like that.

Either way, it’s a decent new tune, and much better than the Example penned Chasing The Sun. Here’s hoping Ryan works with the band again soon.

Think this one is probably a grower, and will never be as good as Glad You Came. Bit disappointed because usually Example is good at this sort of stuff too.

When Example does that thing with his eyebrows, I melt a little inside…

This has grown on me. Maybe I will give the rest of his album another spin.

There’s some things you need to know.

  1. This is a new “girl band” called Oh My!
  2. Their music is produced and written by some amazing people, including, but not limited to, Example.
  3. Their first single is called Dirty Dancer is released later this year.
  4. They released a free download called Run This Town. You can watch the trailer video here.
  5. They JUST released ANOTHER free download called Kicking And Screaming. The full video is above.
  6. I got to spend 3 weeks with them on their schools tour as part of my work with teentoday.co.uk. You can watch the two amazing videos we made from that experience here and here.
  7. They have their own Tumblr page here.

I think that’s everything. For now.


Would have been better without you-know-who though. Ugh. She’s hardly in it, but she still managed to ruin the entire experience and made us want to go dive in front of traffic.