Lost In A Melody

Pet Shop Boys are pulling out the big guns in an attempt to actually make the UK Top 40 with a single from recent album Elysium by calling in Stuart Price to craft the official radio edit for Memory Of The Future and releasing it on the very last day of the year. On paper, that looks like a great idea, but unfortunately the new remix is a disappointment and they should have just gone ahead with the original. If you haven’t heard the album yet, don’t let this put you off, because it’s a misunderstood masterpiece for sure.

Pet Shop Boys have finally won me over with their mellow and introspective album Elysium, which houses their recent Olympics and Eurovision inspired single Winner (which actually sounds better in this context). Leaving is the next single and it kind of reminds me of some of La Roux’s softer moments in a weird way - the melodies in the chorus are absolutely beautiful and despite the fact that the lyrics are very repetitive and the tempo doesn’t exactly break a sweat, you still end up hooked. I love the line about how even though the characters’ love is dead, “it won’t be dead for long”. You can always rely on this band for interesting imagery and concepts.