Lost In A Melody
In order to promote his stunning new single Summit, (which features vocals from ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding) dubstep wiz Skrillex commissioned a web-based video game called Skrillex Quest. Based on the Legend Of Zelda-esque RPG games of the Nintendo era, you take control of a warrior inside of a game cartridge that has been left dusty - which has caused electronic glitches to wreak havoc on the kingdom.
The makers of the video game described Skrillex’s music as perfect for the idea and I have to agree - slashing your sword at a buzzing virus to the strains of Ellie’s modified vocals and heavy beats is an irresistible combination, and there’s obviously a warming sense of nostalgia in the dated graphics and plot. Plus, as a promo tool it’s ridiculously effective - I immediately downloaded the track after completing the game, and that happens to be the first Skrillex song I’ve ever added to my iTunes. So there you have it.
Click here to play Skrillex Quest.

C’mon Ellie - why would you release your best single yet and support it with a video where the main concept seems to be “let’s put Ellie in a spinny chair and whirl her around for a bit”?

That being said, I love the scenes where she’s wrapped up in the red cloak - very Madonna and quirky.

Ellie Goulding and Skrillex have done a song together for the soundtrack of the new Twilight film. There’s a good song in there somewhere, but it’s rather disappointing. I understand why Skrillex has tried to water down his production, but I think he went too far and it ended up sounding like a demo, rather than a full bodied song. He should have really gone for it.

Under The Sheets by Ellie Goulding was amazing in its relentlessness - there’s not one moment in that debut single that you can’t hear her unique vocal in some way or another, which served as a massive statement at the time. What a shame that the lead single (Anything Could Happen) from her second release is mostly built around a summer-drenched instrumental, like most other “hits” in the charts these days.

There’s nothing dramatically wrong with the song, but it’s one of the most generic things Ellie has ever put her name to and I can’t help but feel very disappointed after the amount of hype that’s starting to build up for the new record.

Any fears that Ellie Goulding was going to drop the glitches and sparkles and become best mates with the piano and guitar after the massive success she had with her cover of Your Song have been forever extinguished thanks to this short album trailer for upcoming release Halcyon. Although the snippets are few and short, the video is packed full of hooks, synths, beats, melodies and vocals that are all on the right side of epic. I’m not a massive fan of Ellie, but if she gets this right, it could be absolutely massive in both the UK and the US.

Three Is A Charm, Two Is Not The Same

That’s all I have for you right now, three stories. One of them is a bit sad too, so I’ll try to make this as un-sarcastic as possible.

You might have heard that someone committed suicide, landing on stage at the Swell Season Concert in California on Thursday. And now in unfortunately related news, the lead singer of synth-pop band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool took his own life yesterday at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. Elly Jackson (La Roux) and Ellie Goulding both posted supportive messages on Twitter.

Forgive me for moving on to things that might seem ridiculously trivial, but sadly that is just how it is.

According to The Sun, Kylie Minogue and Tinie Tempah shocked locals at the “Ring O’ Bells”, Somerset by putting on a surprise performance. Apparently the gig was organised for employees of Parlophone. Eliza Doolittle was also there. Don’t you wish all days out climaxed like that?

And finally, Madonna is reportedly facing legal trouble over the name of her new junior clothing range, Material Girl. A company called L.A. Triumph, Inc. has claimed they have been using the name to market their own clothing since 1997. They also said Madonna is causing “deception” in the marketplace. Deception? Madonna? Now there’s two words you’d never expect to see in the same sentence…


Ahem, anyway Ellie has released a song that is a bit softer and grandiose than her previous singles, so if you were ever hoping for a time when it would be acceptable to get out your guitar and record an acoustic interpretation for YouTube purposes, then have no fear! That time is now!

Oh no, she beat you to it!

Sunday Girl is the “new big thing” at the moment. Which basically means lots of blogs and online newspaper-y type people are writing about her and not many people actually know who she is yet despite the fact she is on/going on (I forget which) tour with Ellie Goulding and she is about to release a cover of a brilliant Laura Branigan song.

According to Wikipedia, she will be the 43rd artist to release their own version of this “hit.” And I’m left wondering “What’s the point again?”

Usually if you’re the “next big thing” and haven’t quite got around to becoming the “next big thing” yet, it means you’re probably quite good. But I’m not really getting that vibe here.

Well its released in August anyway so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Sorry :(

Woke Up To A Load Of Great News…

There’s some speculation that Harriet Samson Harris might reprise her role as Felicia in the next season of Desperate Housewives, especially after Paul Young returned in last night’s finale. Let’s be honest, this is EXACTLY what the show needs right now.

The Saturdays have announced that they will release a brand new single this summer, with more details to come soon. Fantastic.

Bj√∂rk has been awarded the 2010 Polar Music Prize for being an “artist who marches to nobody’s tune but her own.” Spot on.

Ellie Goulding is going to write Cheryl Cole some new songs. This is very good.

Siobhan Donaghy has recorded a charity track! Its for an album that will support World Hepatitis Day. Good on her.

And last but certainly not least, Eoghan Quigg has lost Diana Vickers’ phone number. HURRAH!

You know, once you get used to the fact that she sings like she has a blocked nose and every single song is a stuttering, shiny electro-pop/folk fusion, Ellie Goulding ain’t so bad after all.

Although not as immediately catchy as her two previous singles, Guns And Horses still has that pretty voice and brilliant, fizzing production by Starsmith, so it grows on you quite quickly. There’s something a little bit coy about it too, so if anything this song is a just a good reminder that it will be interesting to see where she goes next.