Lost In A Melody
Say what you will about Kate Nash’s seemingly random desire to ditch the Lily Allen-esque doo-wah ditties and how that supposedly makes her a sham, but for long time fans like myself it always felt like the pop game wasn’t really her cup of tea and it’s nice to finally see her create something that’s more in the style she’s always openly desired.
Sonically, the Death Proof EP is reminiscent of the cassette tape compilations I used to hear my parents playing around the house - from the hazy guitars to the intermittent screeches, it’s basically punk pastiche, which isn’t actually a bad thing if you’re into it. It’s a real shame that most casual listeners and pop music lovers will do their best to avoid this release, because lyrically Kate is covering the same old ground (wanting a lover, dubious friends etc) and melodically the tracks play out in almost the same way. But I can certainly understand why something this lo-fi wouldn’t be for everyone.
Nash sounds the most comfortable and confident she’s ever been, and personally I can’t wait for next year’s Girl Talk album to see how she expands on this new found theme.
In order to promote his stunning new single Summit, (which features vocals from ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding) dubstep wiz Skrillex commissioned a web-based video game called Skrillex Quest. Based on the Legend Of Zelda-esque RPG games of the Nintendo era, you take control of a warrior inside of a game cartridge that has been left dusty - which has caused electronic glitches to wreak havoc on the kingdom.
The makers of the video game described Skrillex’s music as perfect for the idea and I have to agree - slashing your sword at a buzzing virus to the strains of Ellie’s modified vocals and heavy beats is an irresistible combination, and there’s obviously a warming sense of nostalgia in the dated graphics and plot. Plus, as a promo tool it’s ridiculously effective - I immediately downloaded the track after completing the game, and that happens to be the first Skrillex song I’ve ever added to my iTunes. So there you have it.
Click here to play Skrillex Quest.
A perfectly crafted run of sensible pop music from beginning to end, True is an EP that isn’t afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve, but also refrains from trying to achieve anything other than showing you a good time. There’s no over-the-top boundary pushing or ahead-of-the-curve production techniques here, it’s just a thrilling collection of songs that are full of soul and class. You don’t have to think, you don’t have to know your Tumblr memes and you don’t have to spend all day and night twerking in the club to understand and enjoy this. True has universal appeal, and that’s a rare thing for anyone to attain, let alone the sister of Beyoncé Knowles.
High points: Losing You, Locked In Closets
Low points: Bad Girls

Wynter Gordon has finally revealed a new song from her much anticipated Sanguine EP which was originally supposed to be released last month. Lucky Ones is more breezy and poptastic than her previous tracks and the vocal style reminds me of Gwen Stefani in her most summer-drenched moments. I really like it and can only hope the rest of the EP is uploaded soon too.