Lost In A Melody

The second taster of Ke$ha’s highly anticipated Warrior album is C’mon - which basically follows the same formula as Die Young - it’s watered down Ke$ha with all the fun and wackiness taken out. Fortunately this doesn’t meant that Dr Luke and co. have sacrificed crispy beats, Top 40 ready choruses and tight synths. Remember when Katy Perry completely ripped off TiK ToK for California Gurls? Well this is Ke$ha repaying the favour by completely ripping off Teenage Dream… And it works.

This is one of those songs where, in the beginning you’re all “Woah this is like loads of cool shit shoved in a blender and made amazing” but then halfway through you realise you stopped listening and started checking your emails and it’s actually quite boring.

True story.

Perhaps the weirdest thing I have heard all year. This is the kind of crazy shit Gwen would be doing if she were still embarking on her solo career. Unapologetically brilliant.

But aside from that, Monday Morning is a Santigold song without the edge or quirkiness. Birds Of Prey is basically a very good Ladytron song (it would have been better if they had kept it for themselves I reckon). Stronger Than Ever is almost Fighter 2.0, but unfortunately has that faux-epic feel about it, rather like a lot of songs produced by Dr. Luke.

And I Am (Stripped) is… well… I Am

All that’s left for me to hear is Little Dreamer, which is apparently another Ladytron track, so that should be good. I see the Goldfrapp track never made onto the final record though. Bad, bad times.