Lost In A Melody
The beats are harder and edgier, the choruses are more supercharged and anthemic and the swearing is left uncensored - on paper it sounds like Ke$ha has made the tried and tested decision to make album number two a bigger and better version of everything she offered on her debut. Except when listening through, it still feels like there’s something wrong, something missing, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it that the lyrics have strayed from exploding into a glitter ball whilst drowning in cocktails at a dingy bar to obsess instead over tribal themes of standing together and living like you’re young or about to die? Is it that the skyscraper choruses often trade snarling identity for radio friendly anonymous breakdowns? Or is it that the hilarious and outrageous auto-tuning and vocoder effects are completely non-existant?
In truth, it’s probably all of the above and more. The tunes are decent enough and can’t really be faulted, but Warrior feels like a watered-down, chart-chasing Ke$ha and that’s definitely not the sleazy cannibal I fell in love with.
High points: Warrior, Die Young, C’Mon
Low points: Wherever You Are, Only Wanna Dance With You, Wonderland

Anyone else get the feeling that Ke$ha finished filming this video and suddenly the label were like “wait a minute, this looks really cheap and shit - quick, stick an Instagram filter over the top, that’ll hide the damage!”, only it still looked naff so they stuck a load of fucking glowing diamonds on it as well?

God I hope she brings this to UK X Factor!

So I blinked and suddenly Ke$ha turned into an amazing live performer. Here she is doing Die Young for the very first time. Warning: this video includes decent vocals, bare-chested men, choreography (!) and a drum being pounded away at.

Lyssna: Musikguiden i P3: We Got The World - Icona Pop

Icona Pop have a new single from their Swedish debut album. The rest of the world will get a different single and just an EP. We Got The World sounds pretty similar to Ke$ha’s Die Young to these ears, and ultimately suffers from the same problems: effortlessly generic and lacking the punch that made their earlier material stand out. Hopefully the rest of the new tracks (including a version of I Love It featuring goth pop princess Charli XCX) will be much more exciting.

Ke$ha’s Die Young - one of those cases where it’s brilliant to have the artist back in our lives, and the song IS kinda catchy, but you don’t really want to like it because all the attitude has been diluted and also it sounds like Starships and she’s just, like, so much better than that, you know? But you know it will probably be all over radio and you’ll be humming it for the rest of the cold nights.

Ah well. Fingers crossed that the album has some of that wit and sass in there, cos this does not.

Ke$ha “sings” (!) new single Die Young to some amused Tokyo citizens. Erm…

Reportedly this is a little preview of Ke$ha’s brand new single Die Young - presumably the glitter-obsessed star is whistling the melody of the chorus. You can’t really get much from it, but I’ll go out on a limb and say it kinda sounds like standard, sing-song Ke$ha. Either way, colour me excited.