Lost In A Melody

And now, Sia performs Diamonds, which she wrote for Rihanna’s Unapologetic album. I was hoping we might get to hear this one day, but I think I actually prefer Rihanna’s ear pleasing tones. She may hit the big notes ridiculously well, but she doesn’t even do the “shine bright” bits!

Sia gives a little glimpse into the writing process of Diamonds by Rihanna.



In today’s other Diamonds news (following the Zola Jesus cover), Rihanna has posted this terrific remix of the track, featuring some suitably sparkling verses from Kanye West, on her official SoundCloud page. CS

LOVE IT. I want a new Kanye album :(

Rihanna performs Diamonds live on SNL. M.I.A. is NOT going to be happy with that Tumblr-inspired backdrop, is she?

Is this video about Chris Brown? It feels like everything Rihanna does these days is about Chris Brown. Hmm.

Rihanna performs Diamonds live at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show - her live vocals are getting better and better! She sounds and looks amazing here, proving that if she keeps playing her cards right, she’ll be on top of the game for the whole of Obama’s second term AT LEAST.

There’s a very good chance that a version of this Johnta Austin song has been reproduced by Stargate and re-recorded by Rihanna for her upcoming 7th album Unapologetic.

It would definitely make sense with her voice and feel consistent alongside Diamonds - exciting times!

Speaking of great covers, here’s Tanya Lacey putting her own spin on Diamonds. Amazing and also very appropriate, given that she’s been reportedly penning some tracks for Rihanna’s upcoming album.

A Popjustice forum user has made his own remix of Rihanna’s new single Diamonds, featuring bigger beats, the “na na’s” from What’s My Name and even a sample of Midnight City by M83 in the middle eight. The result is brilliant, as you might expect from that description alone.


[upcoming 7th studio album]