Lost In A Melody

Oh hai, nothing to see here, just Little Mix being fucking ridiculously incredible.



Little Mix - Red Planet ft T-Boz x

Sounds a bit messy, but I am THERE for that electric guitar.

This is so exciting.

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Here is a preview of the upcoming Little Mix album. It sounds lazy, cheap and almost as dated as Parade’s debut record. The only one (aside from the lead singles, which obviously had most of the budget thrown at them) that shows a glimpse of promise is How Ya Doin’? Extremely disappointing.

Everything about this camp, faux-goth, Disney remake of Sin City music video for DNA is perfect. Little Mix are the best new girl band since The Saturdays - FACT. But then, we already knew that, didn’t we?

P.S. Can’t fucking wait for the X Factor performance

Hoping to follow the success of Wings, Little Mix are straight on to single number two, which is a bombastic and spooky electro ballad called DNA that will no doubt look and sound amazing when it comes to the inevitable X Factor performance.

The best thing about this song is the production - from the music box intro, to the spine tingling middle eight choir and the use of heartbeat and flatline effects running throughout. The vocals are on point as always (Perrie’s deeper tone is used particularly well in this case, and the “rap” is certainly a unique touch) but it’s a shame that the second half of the chorus isn’t as explosive as it could be - given that they solved that problem effectively on their last effort.