Lost In A Melody

Apparently written by Nicola Roberts and produced by DJ Fresh, On The Metro is the final new Girls Aloud song, featuring typically British quirky lyrics over throbbing, chart-ready production. It would have made an extremely good album track on Tangled Up or Out Of Control, or even an amazing solo track for Nicola’s album - but once again, in the context of the reunion greatest hits, it leaves me feeling a little bit unsatisfied.

If you’ve ever seen DJ Fresh live, you’ll probably recognise the afro curled-Fleur as the lead session singer that takes over vocal duties from Rita Ora on Hot Right Now and many more tracks. Now she’s getting ready to break out and prove that she can stand (and sing) on her own two feet with Broken Mirror. Although the single is a joint collaboration with producers Cutline, it’s her smooth, vicious vocals that carry the beat-heavy track and transform it from just a good instrumental to excellent pop song that wouldn’t sound out of place at all on the radio today. And I’d be right behind that, as long as they don’t edit out the absolutely filthy breakdown.

This song certainly “goes hard”.