Lost In A Melody

Cher Lloyd continues to be one of the most fun female live performers around right now. Definitely did not see that dance break coming!

Good morning. Here is an advert in which a cow sings Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger in someone’s shower. Amazing.

And the award for 2012’s most gorgeous beach scene in a music video goes to… Cher Lloyd! Condolences to Nicki Minaj, Tulisa and Marina & The Diamonds but you ratchets just weren’t good enough.

Cher Lloyd has unveiled her next US single, which happens to be an entirely brand new track called Oath, written by and featuring Dr Luke prodigy Becky G. It’s more of the same infectious bubblegum pop from rising international star Cher, who’s hoping it will help her continue to go from strength to strength overseas, and I reckon the added “Avril Lavigne-ness” in this track gives her a good shot.

Cher Lloyd makes her US television debut on America’s Got Talent with Want U Back. A nice performance of a great summer single, but if we’ve learned anything from Lana’s SNL drama, it’s that you need to remember to look like you’re actually enjoying yourself, no matter how nervous you are. Despite that, I think that if things continue to carry on like this, Cher has a great chance of making it overseas.

Queen of Acoustic Covers Cher Lloyd takes to the streets of New York to showcase her rousing rendition of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. As always, thoroughly enjoyable.

Things might be ticking over quietly on the Cher Lloyd front, but here she is doing what she does best - recording acoustic sessions. This one is a cover of Usher’s OMG which works a lot better than I expected it to.

  1. The ex boyfriend in this video is fit
  2. The lighting in this video is awful
  3. Cher looks kinda old and weird
  4. WTF at that little kid’s “rap”?
  5. I’ll be sticking with the album version then…

Thank you Cher Lloyd for filling that Avril Lavigne-shaped hole in my heart.

This is gloriously perfect in every single way and Cher Lloyd looks so beautiful. Adore this.

Losing count of how many times I’ve watched this. I’m in love.

This song would be good if…

  1. They let Cher’s vocals out of whatever tin can prison they’ve locked them in
  2. Mike Posner wasn’t rapping about licking a girl out on a third date

Pop stars asking for fan questions and then answering them in a YouTube video is getting quite popular it seems. Whilst this is the prettiest example I’ve seen, it’s still a little bit dull. I reckon some animation, or little skits thrown in would make it so much more exciting.

For example, Cher could answer the question about designing her own clothing range over footage of her daydreaming about doing it and then opening her store and stuff.

Just saying.

Swagger Jagger's time at Number 1 may be coming to a sudden end, but amazing girl band Parade have made sure that its legend will live on the echoes of their beautiful acoustic cover.


I definitely hear some Cheryl Cole influence in there. And it’s Fegalicious to boot.

Cute, but not single material in my opinion :-/