Lost In A Melody

I think Ke$ha’s transition from Animal/Cannibal to Warrior was meant to show her credibility evolution from trashy alcopop slut to trashy hipster, and in my humble opinion, the heartwarming C’Mon and it’s newly released adorable video does a much better job of portraying this than the tepid Die Young and it’s Illuminati-esque promo. For Ke$ha to have done better than reach the dizzy heights of the Top 70 in the UK charts, she needed to have a Teenage Dream moment with this campaign, and both fortunately and unfortunately, I think this could be the closest we’re going to get to that.

The second taster of Ke$ha’s highly anticipated Warrior album is C’mon - which basically follows the same formula as Die Young - it’s watered down Ke$ha with all the fun and wackiness taken out. Fortunately this doesn’t meant that Dr Luke and co. have sacrificed crispy beats, Top 40 ready choruses and tight synths. Remember when Katy Perry completely ripped off TiK ToK for California Gurls? Well this is Ke$ha repaying the favour by completely ripping off Teenage Dream… And it works.