Lost In A Melody

This video is basically a gay man’s dream come to life, so simple logic seems to tell me that this is further proof that Will.i.am plays for our team. Britney bitch!

So Scream And Shout is simply Will.i.am by numbers, but the Gimme More sample and British-ney sounding the happiest and most engaging she’s been in a long time makes this quite special, in a ludicrous way.

This might be a total snooze-fest but it serves as a good reminder that Britney needs to do more ballads. And I’m not talking faux-ballads like Criminal and Trip To Your Heart by the way, I’m talking PROPER BALLADS. Everytime 2012* please!

*Although I’m guessing she won’t release any music in 2012. Maybe not even for a few years now until some sort of massive Greatest Hits anniversary type thing. 

A truly inspirational (unofficial) lyrics video.

The differences aren’t massive (which is good) but they certainly do add something. I like this a lot. Would love for this to be a huge hit.

I don’t think it even sounds like Britney, but the backing track is definitely fake. Sorry kids.

The demo for Britney’s He About To Lose Me. This version actually has Britney’s vocals in the chorus, which is nice. Although I prefer the official version.

I think I’ve already heard this, but someone just posted it and it reminded me that Brit needs to do more work with Darkchild.

Domino Snippet by drluke

Whilst we’re on the subject of songs sounding like other songs, here’s a preview of Domino by Jessie J, produced by Dr. Luke.

Just in case you ever wondered what a mash-up of Britney’s Seal It With A Kiss and Katy’s Teenage Dream would sound like.

This new thing Cascada are doing where every song they release sounds exactly like another song by a bigger artist is getting ridiculous :-|

I mean, fucking hell, they’ve even copied the If U Seek Amy video for a song that copies If U Seek Amy. ARE THEY MENTAL?

Her mouth says “I love being on tour” but her eyes say “HELP ME, THESE TWO FOREIGNERS ARE HOLDING ME HOSTAGE IN THIS ROOM”


This is wicked