Lost In A Melody
I’ve written on this blog before about how Christina Aguilera is almost always playing catch up with her albums, but has new release Lotus fared any better?
Well there’s two ways of looking at it:
The sex-fuelled onslaught of generic bangers like lead single Your Body, dance-floor-ready Let There Be Love and Rihanna-lite Circles showcases an overwhelming lack of identity or passion, yet they all remain catchy enough. Xtina may have had Sia on songwriting duties before most mainstream acts, but bringing her back for Blank Page is nothing groundbreaking - and the ballads that aren’t penned by her are bloated and disappointingly mixed.
This might not be the most high-budget, high-octane Quarter 4 release we were expecting from the former superstar, but it does do something I thought was impossible - it’s her most consistent disc yet, and pretty much every track has a decent melody or two and has stayed in my iTunes library, which is a feat no other release from her has ever achieved.
Christina Aguilera may not reach the dizzy heights of the charts with Lotus (which is unfortunate, because that’s exactly what she needed right now at this point in her career), but don’t expect to see across the board negative reviews and the word “flop” thrown around as much as it was when Bionic failed to impress anyone who wasn’t a “music lover” in 2010.
Best track: Red Hot Kinda Love
Worst track: Light Up The Sky