Lost In A Melody
Björk discusses working with different producers in different ways for Biophilia and her new remix album, Bastards.

Wowsers, Björk’s just released the best music video she’s made since December 2007. Hurrah!

Apparently there’s a video coming for Björk’s Mutual Core, which is by far one of the best tracks from her recent Biophilia album. Rumour has it that Andrew Thomas Huang is the director, and after a quick look at his previous experience in music videos, I can believe it. Hope it’s not just an “unusual” nature time lapse video though. I want to see some Björk in there!

I know I should stop complaining about Biophilia, because at the end of the day it’s a pretty well constructed album, but the one thing I always hated was that, despite the subject matter covering the growth of nature and the vast and glorious expansiveness of the universe - the songs were merely skeletons, minuscule and bare.

This remix of Virus (available from the new remix collection on iTunes) by Hudson Mohawke is the perfect example of what Biophilia should have sounded like. Mixing new sounds, percussion and horns, the songs transforms into something explosive and gigantic, yet still retains the fragility and beauty within the original melody. It’s actually brilliant.

Holy shit. Amazing auto-tune-tastic Björk remix alert!

Seriously disturbing, but very cool. Like most of Björk’s stuff tbh. Easily the best video of the Biophilia era so far though, so well done there.

Whoever created this remix has succeeded in taking a beautiful song and turning it into a perfect masterpiece. This is beyond stunning and captures the concept of Biophilia much more than the original body of work in both its subtlety and grandeur.

The most beautiful song ever recorded. If I’d been there in Manchester when this happened, I would have cried, for sure. She often talks about how she’s still looking to record the perfect song, but I think she already achieved that with this.

Some of the graphics in this app (this app that is supposedly going to change the music industry and proves Björk is still an innovator) look like the first ever PC computer I played on when I was in nursery, 1996.


What the hell is this? AGH.

I miss the Björk that was actually passionate about her music and her videos and had something to say, something to express. Tell me, how does the above, compare the below? I struggle to even believe they come from the same artist…

If you missed it yesterday, here’s my clip of the best three moments from the yawn-fest that is B’s new album, Biophilia.

Drum and bass ahoy! Here are the three most interesting bits from the new Björk album.

There are a couple of other highlights, but the majority of it is pretty rubbish. Dark Matter is potentially the worst thing she’s ever put her name to.

Question: Does this new app make Moon by Björk better, or worse?

Answer: Neither. It does absolutely nothing.

I’m not going to pretend for a second that I thought Björk was going to come back this year with something poppy and electro. It just ain’t ever gonna happen, and I’ve made my peace with that. And the lack of identifiable choruses means nothing to me either (Domestica, my favourite song by her, has no chorus at all).

But what does piss me off, is that Biophilia's concept is so grand and adventurous, and she's done fuck all with it. The lyrics are silly and have absolutely no depth to them. The production is so weak and repetitive - I thought this was going to be an album that swung wildly between the strings of Jóga, Bachelorette and the tribal beats of Nattura, the thriving choir of Oceania - there is so much potential and all she could be bothered to do (it seems, based on what I’ve heard so far) is make her own shitty xylophone music box thing and put that on every single song.

Björk, look at your life, look at your choices. You used to be one of the most exciting people in pop music - get your energy back and make an album that speaks to me and actually has something to say. Please. 


Björk - Moon

This was the song that got accidentally leaked in some european iTunes store.