Lost In A Melody

I suspect Sky Ferreira would not be happy if she knew that I love the sound of new song You’re Not The One because it randomly reminds me of Avril Lavigne. Or maybe she would. Who knows, eh?

Totally forgot how wicked this song is. Oh Avril. The tears are reportedly real (and I think I believe it based on some of the actions) but it doesn’t really add much to the video.

This needed a storyline. Big time.


DJ Earworm – United State Of Pop 2010 (Don’t Stop The Pop)

“I’m On The Right Track, Baby I Was Made This Way (Due To Genetics And Several Environmental Influences)” (Lady Gaga release dates for new album and single!)

Avril Lavigne: What The Hell (and why Avril should chill out a little bit)

Alicia Keys: Speechless (Featuring Eve) (plus a list of other amazing songs about newborn babies…)

Clare Maguire: The Last Dance (why it makes me very sad, and yet I’m still not a fan)

News on Björk’s new Biophilia project (plus a new song!)

A very interesting Patrick Wolf interview

I’m usually a big Shakira fan, but for some reason I can’t get into this at all.

She looks sort of disturbing and the video makes my head and/or stomach hurt. The song sounds like an undercooked demo. I just don’t really understand any of it.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I just found out Cheers by Rihanna samples Avril Lavigne’s I’m With You. The bar has been raised people, the bar has been RAISED!

I’ll admit it, when I heard the leaks week by week, I got a bit worried about this album. I’m quite a fan of Katy Perry and it seemed to me that she had perhaps lost her way a little.

However, in the context of the full album, (almost) everything seems to work. Phew.

If there’s one thing Perry is good at, its making you easily feel the mood she’s trying to get across in her songs. Whether its ridiculous who-gives-a-fuck party time on California Gurls and Peacock, or something much darker, like in the delicious Circle The Drain, pulsating E.T. and the Russian Roulette-esque Who Am I Living For?

In many ways, this is probably the most perfectly timed album of the year. Whether we like it or not, its starting to feel like what little summer we had is already coming to an end, and there’s heaps of nostalgia on this record to soundtrack the final stretch. Teenage Dream is the most upbeat of these, but there’s also the genuinely stirring Not Like The Movies and next single Firework, which is frankly quite epic if you ask me.

Of course, it doesn’t always work. Pearl and Hummingbird Heartbeat are thin affairs, and The One That Got Away is just as bad as the P!nk song of the same name from 2006’s I’m Not Dead.

The song above is Last Friday Night. If Ke$ha hadn’t appeared in the I Kissed A Girl video, I’d be tempted to use it as evidence that her and Katy were in fact the same person using different identities to release music. Sure, the album is full of tricks already pulled off by P!nk, Avril, 3OH!3 and Ke$ha, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. I defy you not to get up and dance after the “T.G.I.F.” chant.

There will still be haters, obviously, and parents fearing for their children’s ears. But as far as pop music goes, this near enough to perfection. I’m sure critics will pull it apart, looking for any signs of immaturity. But the clue is in the title. Its a Teenage Dream, not a Housewife’s Fantasy.

Here’s Some Things You Might Find Interesting

Jon Lee has joined the line of people suddenly feeling the need to come out. Bizarre.

Jamiroquai are making a comeback, but are supposedly ditching their previous style. Intriguing.

That thing about Bowie working with Lady Gaga is an elaborate hoax. Terrible.

Kelly Rowland is going to release at least two versions of her upcoming album. Fantastic.

Avril Lavigne is reportedly close to finishing her album. Brilliant.

Erykah Badu has had to pay a fine for all that Window Seat business. Unfortunate.

The Noisettes have roped in Ne-Yo to help write their new material. Funky.

Scouting For Girls are desperate to get a gig on Emmerdale. Traumatising.

I’m sure you’ll agree there’s nothing more entertaining than following links. Knock yourself out.

The secret lovechild of Avril Lavigne and Courtney Love is at it again.

Well I’m no longer much of a fan of rock or even faux-rock, but this is quite a HOOT.

Well I see that Rihanna has inexplicably gone back to her “I’M A MASSIVE SLAG AND I WILL NOW SHOOT YOU WITH MY JEWEL ENCRUSTED GUN BEFORE I EAT YOU!!!!!!!” days.

So let’s see what we have here. Guitar smashing? Check. Lots of microphone cables all over the floor? Check. Backing band that serve no other purpose than to look like a band? Check. Slash impression? CHECK!

There’s always a sense of embarrassment generated when a pop artist starts being all “Yeah bitch! I’m a fucking rock-star!” (Cough… Avril… cough), but this is certainly one of the most enjoyable efforts I’ve ever heard.

Guess the UK fans will have to wait a little longer for the Te Amo video though.

Its good to have Avril back on superb form. It takes a couple of listens to get used to, but after that its impossible to not appreciate how haunting and emotional this song is, even if the lyrics are traditionally quite weak. Either way, I’m hyped for the film and her new album. Plus she looks gorgeous in the video.